Northeast Rail and Highway Cooperative

Northeast Rail and Highway Cooperative
Languages English
Type Transportation regulation
Leader Multinational Organisation
Foundation 2015

History and Purpose

The North East R&E Cooperative was founded in 2015 following multiple attempts to standardize regional transit lines in the northeast.

Signing Member Agencies

  • Wynterlyn And Somerset Ministry of Transportation
  • Breshikan Department of Shipping and Interstate Commerce
  • Strade e Ferrovie dello Stato Beller (Rail and Road Authority of the State of Belltower)
  • Secrétariat d'État des ponts et chaussées Siverny le Chateau (Siverny State Secretary of Roads and Bridges)
  • Ministerium für Nationalen Transit (Mandatory New-Badface Ministry for national Transit)
  • Ministerio del Transporte (Mandatory Barriada Ministry of Transportation)


~ Type ~ ~ Comments ~
Underground Rail Generally 3×3 with Central rail track, additions allowed
Major Interstate Highways 3+0 cobble or 3+2 Cobble and stone slab (based on Agencies preference)
Minor instate highways Region dependent, Cobble preferred

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