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 === PVP and Nation Rules === === PVP and Nation Rules ===
 +Nations are political entities that players can work together to form.  Nations allow groups of players to claim land as their own, as well as to role play and fight wars that would otherwise be considered griefing. Though players are given a lot of latitude to play how they like, **there are certain guidelines players must follow if they wish to be given and to retain the special privileges afforded to nations.**
 +Nations'​ pages in the wiki will be written in one of the [[https://​dev-urandom.eu/​servers:​autism?​s[]=official&​s[]=languages|server'​s official languages]],​ pages in other languages **will not be considered official** and are to be written separately.
 +  - Note that if a nation'​s Clan becomes inactive, or if its member numbers drops below the threshold for maintaining nationhood, the nation may be considered dissolved. Nations may also voluntarily choose to revert to settlements with the approval of the staff, however they must be at peace. If at any time the Arbiter deems these requirements to not be met, **the Arbiter may vote to dissolve a nation into a settlement.**
 +  - Players may be banned from political activity for any period of time if their crimes are of a political nature.
 +  - Create your nation according to the [[https://​dev-urandom.eu/​template:​nation|template]].
   - [[https://​dev-urandom.eu/​decisions:​arbitration:​secessions|Secession rules]] apply.   - [[https://​dev-urandom.eu/​decisions:​arbitration:​secessions|Secession rules]] apply.
 *to be completed* *to be completed*
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