The Wiki Wars

The Wiki WarsPart of the Never-Ending Conflict
Dates Since the Wiki was created
Location Krautchan's Minecraft Wiki
Result Never-Ending Butthurt
Autists Trolls Retards
Leaders and Commanders
People like YugoTexas Sikandar and friends
A few, but they're so fucking strong Perhaps way too many
Their logic Their brains

A Wiki War is when someone decides to document an event happening in the server, so said person creates an article that will be most likely incredibly biased. The other side of the conflict gets butthurt and decides to edit the article in his/her (>girls >internet) favor. Eventually the other person will revert the article and call the other butthurt. Repeat over 9000 times until all the accumulated butthurt is canalized in the discussion page with both sides now arguing why one is wrong and why one is right.

Every person to have ever participated in a Wiki-War is a fucking faggot (me included hurr). Nobody wins, everyone loses. At some point it may even get you banned under the crime of “vandalizing” which in part is true but we all know it is just used as a reason for you to shut the fuck up.

The Battle

  • A creates article.
  • B dislikes article. B edits article.
  • A dislikes edit. A reverts article.
  • B gets butthurt about article revertion. B reverts article to his previouis edit.
  • A and B repeat the same thing as longs as it is necessary.
  • Eventually, either A or B will delete the article out of pure butthurt.
  • Mod C bans them both.
  • Somehow, the battle goes on.

It is uncertain how a Wiki Battle ends, it seems to just happen naturally without a visible result for both sides.


Everyone get mad, everyone laughs at you.

Following Battle

I can assure you this article will get edited because of someone's else butthurt.

Never ending butthurt

Butthurt generated from wiki wars never ends. Recently the butthurt generated by some wiki battle got too strong and autistic, bernds just couldn't deal with it, bias and faggotry both escalated to immeasurable levels, quickly ending with several different versions of the same article.

The poor players that just want to use to wiki for what it was created are the biggest losers here.

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