Kriegstein’s War of Liberation

War of Liberation
Clockwise: The flags of each party, Commonwealth forces retake Eurika, Kreiger conquers a part of the Winterlyn Military Zone, Austrobernd is about to get executed
Dates 07/21/2015 - 07/23/2015
Location Kriegstein, Commonwealth
Result Cowlocaust,End of phyical fighting: Treaty, Peace returned
End of war: Official peace treaty
Danikan Commonwealth Royaume de Kriegstein
Supported by:
Republic of Battkhortostan
Leaders and Commander
H. Comm. Austrobernd
General Secretary Tomoko
1 2-3
12 (2 times K.I.A)
1488 cows
1 missing yev

After the breakdown of long negotiations, General-Secretary of Kriegstein Tomoko Declared war on the Danikan Commonwealth to regain lost Kriegsteinian territory and free places under Commonwealth occupation. According to the Kriegstein wiki:

“On July, 21, 2015, Kriegstein formally liberates areas under Commonwealth occupation. These include areas of North Enderian origin, The Eureka republic (which is Kriegstenian anyways), and others. These lands were under military occupation (See Commonwealth map, which shows some of them under “military Frontier or exclusion zones”) by the Commonwealth for no reason other than lust for landrunning. Kriegstein will hereby annex and develop these lands as part of the Kingdom of Kriegstein, either as Autonomous states or as Duchies. ”

Battle of Badforest

Kriegstein soldiers under the command of General Secretary Tomoko infiltrated the Capital of Badfacia, the Badforest, where the leader of the Commonwealth, Austro, resides in. Austro managed to hold off the kriegstenian army for a few seconds before being overwhelmed. The City quickly fell to the invading Kriegsteiners, but the Commonwealth leader fought bravely using guerrilla warfare tactics. After a while, knowing of his emanate defeat, austro took refuge in the Ender Embassy. A horrific genocide happened when Commander Tomoko got tired of Austro's hit and run tactics, he threaten him if he did not surrender all the cows in the city would be killed. Austro, only caring about himself, said he would not surrender. So Commander Tomoko ordered his soldiers to kill every cow they could find; it is believed over 1488 cows died that day. Also one Citizen of Badfacia, who hid in an civilian bunker, went missing during the battle. After pacifying the city the Kriegstenian army declared victory.


The Enderian republic brokered a peace treaty between the two parties, and once again peace has returned to the lands of alpharealm.


After being asked if he want's to schedule a battle, the leader of the Commonwealth said:
“austro : i dont have to shedule one if i disagree with a battle”

And so the Conflict is ongoing because of the refusal of the Commonwealth for a quick end to the war.

International Response

Enderian Response

So long as the parties of New Badfacia and the Commonwealth observe the terms set aside in the Treaty of Somerset, so, too, shal we. The Republic of Ender strongly advises that both sides show restraint and a peaceful compromise can arise from this situation.

Map and Explanation

Only the area in dark, blue, and white are under occupation. The rest were non-commonwealth land that's been annexed or is a duchy/colony already. Blue area is the Eureka Republic, which is Kriegsteinian territory that the Commonwealth forcefully took. Area in dark is North enderian territory that the Commonwealth Occupied. White territory was area under occupation by the commonwealth for no reason other than to expand their borders (massive landruns), and has been free'd and annexed by Kriegstein.

Conclusion to Conflict

The conflict concluded when kreigstein and the commonwealth agreed to a swap of sorts. The Duchy of Aresia was freed from the control of Kreigstein and returned to its status as a free city. The commonwealth proceeded to transfer the southwestern protectorate alnds to kreigstein and annex the rest into individual nations to prevent confusion in the future.

Propaganda Picture from the Commonwealth Triumvirate, released after the war, translation: Fateful Struggle in the Danikian East; down with the nobles! for our freedom! for the republic! Join the fight, for Arms, Supply and Wage is cared for!
Wikileaks released this Photo of the massacre
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