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Coenstadt Embassy Crisis

Coenstadt Embassy Crisis
Date 10-03-11
Location Coenstadt Embassy in Nova Kurwa
Result Status Quo
Flag Protesters Flag Coenstadt
Leaders and Commanders
Flag KebabRemover
Flag notaspark
Flag YugoTexas
~4-8 3
unknown unknown

On October third, there was a riot in Kurwa outside the Coenstadt embassy which later turned bloody. Kebabremover, Kyler, sqoot, and Lord Uxbridge were among the most prominant figures involved in the conflict and subsequent curfuffle. Both sides claim the other instigated the conflict and it resulted in the deaths of many Coenstadters, rioters, and neutral players.

After the embassy of Coenstad was finally completed in Kurwa and mods were offline, Kebabremover started protesting outside of it. He began by putting insulting signs before the embassy entrance. At first they were removed by Creeper but given back when Kebebremover asked for. Tensions began to rise between Kebabremover and the embassy members and reinforcements were called upon on Kebabremovers side.

As more and more people came to join Kebabremover in his protest, the Coenstadt officials warned the protesters to stay out and threatened to use force to defend the embassy. Originally Lord_Uxbridge hoped to use the incident to start a crusade against Coenstad, and was originally attempting to rally his Knights in Kurwa; however, at the time he was unaware that the 'war' refered to in chat was a simple riot / protest. After arriving in Kurwa, Uxbridge was requested at the emassy and it was at this point that he found out about the protest. Lord Uxbridge and his order decided to aid the protesters by protecting them. It was at this point that tensions started to reach a breaking point. It is worth noting that while the crowd was growing increasingly violent, Lord_Uxbridge was busy attempting to determine the legality of the suposed 'war' and because of this many have accused him of negligent leadership leading up to the storming of the Embassy, asserting that had he been aware of his surroundings he could have calmed the crowd.

The Battle

Both sides have their own side as to how the battle started. Coenstadt claims the protesters rushed the embassy first, while the protesters claim that they did so because they were attacked by the Coenstadtians. What is know is that at some point Dragonbf, one of the Knights, was struck down by YugoTexas, and in responce to this the rioters rushed into the embassy through the unguarded balcony and dragonbf's fellow Knight, Sqoot killed YugoTexas. Dragonbf denies attacking first, though YugoTexas claims self defense.

Notaspark was then struck down by Kebabremover. As a result of this some have blamed Lord_Uxbridge for not controling his Knights enough and actually aggrivating the situation; however, Dragonbf maintains that he was attacked by Yugo without provocation, which would place the blame on YugoTexas rather then Lord_Uxbridge, if Dragonbf claims would be true. The rebels easily defeated the undermanned and poorly armed two Coenstadtian defenders and took control of the embassy. Coenstadt responded by arming its troops with diamond tools and retaking the embassy by surprise. The rebels used their numbers again and again to get hold of the embassy until V1adimirr logged on, at which point all those involved scurried away like frightened mice.

After V1adimirr came, the protesters cleared out of the embassy and it returned under Coenstadtian control. Some players, notably Kyler, though not involved in the conflict, continued to fan the flames during the fallout by calling for mod retribution and other retaliation. Although they retained their embassy, Coenstadt was easily challenged by the protesters, causing it to lose credibility among some players. Players like Kebabremover and Kyler's already tenuous reputations have also been tarnished in the eyes of some for their aggression and antagonization, respectively.

V1adimirr stepped in at the end of the conflict and, though he took many eye witness reports from all those involved, neutral and armed, he admits the situation is still ambiguous at best. Promoting simply moving on, he rejected any reperations to YugoTexas and ruled this incident alone was not enough to warrant any sanctioned military action against Coenstadt.

Why can't we all get along? ;_;

A lot of people lost shit but little of it was returned to the original owners. Such cases.

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