Vargsund bombings
Dates 2018.05.19
Location Vargsund
Result HRC victory
Nords Moloch Worshipping Cult
cuckboi97 Onion and 5 withers
Some protected chests, chickens, horses, and dignity 1


Long before the bombings, Nord nation started a disinformation campaign about new upcoming russian purges. New nation play PvP rules prevented Nord from starting a war, due to absence of russians willing to start a war, but Nord continued to make threats about exterminating slavic players. The threats were taken into account by Moloch Worshipping Cult (HRC) Monarch, Onion. HRC has started to prepare for the attack, first with finding a short way to Vargsund, which was shown by Moloch's prophet, Salah, PBUH. Onion called out cuckboi97 to take part in war and fight, but that coward refused to. After the refusal, the bombings have started…

The beginning

When Onion entered Vargsund, ze spawned two withers, one near the crops, and another under the house where chests and cuckboi's throne were located. Onion started to lead withers to various places to cause destruction, soon after that Vargsund started to look like a Swiss cheese. Then Onion witnessed a castle which was looking impenetrable. Onion entered the castle and spawned another two withers close to each other inside of it, not thinking about possible consequences. The withers spawned with a massive explosion, resulting in Onion's death.

The peak

After the death, Onion crafted an iron armor and a sword, thinking about taking zir stuff back. When HRC monarch was approaching the castle, something striked him. Ze thought that it was a wither skull exploding, but it was tricky cuckboi97, who shortly killed the ambassador of peace and democracy. After another death, Onion bought out a new sword at anatolgol3's mall, and took a new diamond armor set from zir allies, then called out cuckboi97 to fight fairly. But when Onion arrived to the castle, no signs of cuckboi's presence were found. Onion picked up zir loot and leaded withers outside of the castle, to cause even more destruction to Vargsund.

The sunset

Shortly after Vargsund started to look FUBAR, anhud teleported to Onion to take a law enforcement action. He tried to kill the withers, but had no success in it. Onion went home to fix zir armor and went back to the battle field. Onion went inside of one building where two withers were situated and killed one of them alone, but the other one killed Onion, leaving him again in the quest of taking stuff back. When Onion went back, ze saw that the wither who killed zim went away from zir loot, which Onion picked up and killed the three remaining withers alone, not repeating the previous mistake of dying. After the withers were killed, various people visited the bombing site and expressed their euphoria about Nord nation getting blown the fuck out of premises. Onion made a walking tour for these people, after which Onion called PPA, so he can see how HRC war against Nord was going on. PPA greeted Onion with a ban and left the game.

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