Tomoko's rebellion

Tomoko's rebellion (not to be confused with Tomoko's revolt ), was a failed attempt to restore CIS proper. As a founding member of CIS, Tomoko discovered that shako planned on dismantling CIS and absorb its members into his Commonwealth 14.88, having previously left CIS as a member nation in protest of changes made by Shako. Tomoko took it upon himself to take a more proactive measure to secure CIS's survival, so he militarily occupied the Capital.

Tomoko's Restoration
Dates 6-8-15
Location Confederate City
Result Tomoko surrenders, CIS uprising, CIS status uncertain, creation of CISIS
Restorationalists Shako's faction
Leaders and Commanders
Tomoko Shakomatic
1 2
0 0

After the Commonwealth-Ender War and the dissolution of the Eastern Commonwealth, Austro, niller and later on Tomoko created a new Supranational Union named the Confederation of Independent State or CIS. who's goal was to unite city states, and small settlements, and give nation privileges to those who would otherwise not have it, without having to give up some control. After Shako came back, Tomoko as a friendly gesture between former enemies extended an invitation into CIS to Shako, thinking that Shako would appreciate it and play a fair role as a member. Though Tomoko was first apprehensive, knowing Shako's history of tyrannical rule, he fooled himself into believing shako had changed and would share power with other member states. From the very beginning Shako started spreading his influence, first complaining about the constitution, he took a lead role changing it. Later he changed the whole definition of the Union, from one of a supranational entity into a loose alliance, taking away small nation's rights to landrun extend their borders like other member states. Shako also changed the name of the council and added breshikan terms to the constitution. Tomoko was incensed, since most changes were direct things he had created, like the goal stated previously and the name of the Council. So he decided to boycott CIS by temporarily dropping out, hoping to join later on when Shako had left the Confederation. Shako, not happy with virtually controlling CIS already had plans to bring back his Commonwealth, but since most of his former allies were already in CIS (and thus could not join his commonwealth), he conspired to dismantle it. Nothing happened for quite sometime, as shako was planning his Commonwealth revival. Upon learning of shako's plan, Tomoko, fearing that CIS would ultimately be dismantled forever ended his boycott and launched a coup d'etat in desperation to save CIS. He quickly occupied the capital without resistance. Shako, not wanting CIS to continue had to get rid of tomoko's restoration attempt. He was joined by Salah, a future member of the new commonwealth, who also wanted CIS dismantled , and thus the war began.

The battle started at the capital building, which was being occupied by Tomoko, shako launched a surprised biological attack taking tomoko off guard, after a few skirmishes and more chemical attacks by Shako, tomoko made a tactical retreat. While he took counter measures against shako's chemical warfare, Shako and Salah had occupied the Capital building (Ironic thing is, shako had stolen his chemical weapons from Hino's trap, while tomoko was dismantling it after shako asked for them to be removed). Tomoko returned, ready to take back the Capital. He once again entered the Capital building, while he was in the main room a bomb was set off by salah (a.k.a the naked imam) , it destroyed part of thebuilding. An argument started about griefing, knowing shako would rather destroy his own allies building then let CIS live on, tomoko decided to surrender so that the beautiful structure his friend made would not be destroyed.

Tomoko lost all hope in restoring CIS, he and another member of CIS, lolibernd, started their own Country named CISIS . Shako and salah took full control of CIS and tried to dismantle it. After Austro returned and found his capital bombed, he was angered and declared war on breshik, which led to the CIS uprising . Though it is predicted that Austro will give up on CIS and join shako anyways.

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