Tomoko's July 12 Coup

Tomoko's Coup
Dates 7-12-16
Location Nova Bydlograd
Result -Tomoko gains the crown of Breshik
-Breshik stays in ECW
Flag Royal Army Flag Breshikan Loyalists
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Kaiser Austro Flag Mayor Tomoko
1 1
0 0
Countless Chiggin lives

On July 12, The mayor of Bydlograd and a personal advisor to Kaiser Austrobernd, Lord Tomoko Kuroki, got tired of doing the decadent kings work. Austrobernd had mismanaged his empire, living as a snobbish rich royal in a far away corner of the empire while doing nothing to help the poor starving people. Particularly in the Capital of the Kingdom of Breshik, Nova Bydlograd, where a severe famine had caused anarchy and tremendous suffering. Mayor Tomoko tried his best to lessen the famine by donating most of his personal food and wealth but it was not enough. Tired of seeing young children die on the streets of bydlograd, he announced a call to arms, succession from the ECW was the only answer for Breshik. After hearing about the revolt, Kaiser Austrobernd sent his army to bydlograd, but unlike past failed revolts led by tomoko, the royal army and the peasant militia fought to a standstill. Chiggin grenades were used extensively , but after days of fighting both sides tired. Tomoko's army, running out of proper armor and food could not keep fighting forever. The Kaiser offered to negotiate and a cease fire was in order.

Terms of peace:
After heated negotiations, the Kaiser and Lord Tomoko agreed to:
-Incorporate the House of Kuroki into the House of Breshik
-Make Tomoko next in-line as the King of Breshik
-Abdicate the Breshikan Crown to Tomoko
-Keep Breshik in the ECW
-Disbanded the ECW and create a New state with Breshik in it, where Austrobernd will continue being the leader

Peace was returned to the Kingdom after an minutes of fighting and negotiating.

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