Third Raid of Perdyusheno

The third and final battle of the enderian expedition into the Perd-Region. The natives made a valiant stand against the republican milita of Ender, but were during the course of the battle overwhelmed.

Third Raid of Perdyusheno
Part of the Fourth Enderwar
Dates 26th June
Location Perdyusheno
Result decisive Ender victory
Republic of Ender Ruminian Union
Leaders and Commanders
5 unknown
4 :
-twice Aethelwuf
-twice Yeti


The Enderian Expedition into the lands beyond Techtopia was met with heavy resistance under the native settlers. Their first coalition was called the “Meme Army” and did experienced a defeat in Perdyusheno. After that, the Settlers formed a new coalition, namely the Ruminian Union and prepared once again its defence against the invaders.

The Battle

The preparation of the imminent embark of the Enderian Forces was anticipated by the Natives. As vanguard for the enderians served a commando unit who launched a few attacks against the defenders. The initial attack of the Expeditionary Forces was folded by the fierce resistance inside the town. The Ender had to retreat back to their fort to rearm themselves, but the Perd-People took noticed of their slow retreat and tried to take the fort before the main bulk of the Enderian Army would reached it before. A bloody battle for the control of the fort commenced but the attackers were thwarted. Now the initiative was back in the hand of the Enderians who promptly began assaulting the town again. Now with Grum as reinforcement, they fought their way into the center of Perdyusheno. After long urban warfare, the tide of war was in Enders favour. Only sporadic attacks were carried out by the Defenders.


After most resistance was broken, the President of Ender began to hoist the Flag of the Ender Republic over the burning town. Later Hinoarashi and MegaZerg agreed to a ceasefire, and began negotiations to end this conflict. Grum and TheNerd96 continued to harrass and attack people in the town for a while.

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