Terra Ghetto Uprising

Terra Ghetto UprisingPart of the Mondsteinberg–Imperium War
Dates 14 January 2018
Location Terra
Result Mondsteinberger victory, Terra razed
Freistaat Mondsteinberg Flag Empire of Imperium
Leaders and Commanders
Gensec Crni_Drachen Flag bloodsniper
~5 ~6
0-2 ~150

The Imperial citizens of Terra rose up against the occupation by Mondsteinberg, but the uprising was quashed and their fortress razed.

Terran defences had been reinforced.

After the Siege of Terra, the Imperium's capital had come under occupation by Mondsteinberg. A day later, a group of Imperial resistance-fighters launched a large-scale insurrection against the occupation.

Three rebels against anatolgol3.

Both sides were more numerous than in the siege the day before, and better prepared. The army of Mondsteinberg had set up TNT cannons outside of Terra, and bombarded the fortress throughout the battle. The Imperial forces were poorly equipped, and quickly driven out of the citadel, though insurgents kept harassing the attackers inside even naked. Outside of the walls, the Imperials were unable to capitalise on momentary tactical advantages, their weapons proving insufficient to penetrate the attackers' armour.

Rebel resistance within Terra was eventually crushed, and the fighting moved to the surrounding forests and the eastern wetlands, where Imperial guerillas engaged with Mondsteinberger soldiers in a prolonged engagement, but were ultimately defeated.

Cannons battering down Terra.

The triumphant Mondsteinberg army razed the fortress of Terra with copious amounts of TNT, but that was rolled back later. Mondsteinberg reiterated their demands for the Imperium to pay a bunch of diamonds in reparations, but this demand went unheeded.

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