The Taibei Terrorist Attack

Taibei Diplomatic's incidentPart of the Taibei/Kriegstein's Consulate war(incoming?)

Picture of downtown Taibei
Dates 6-15-2013
Location Taibei downtown
Result Kriegstein's bugghurt
Kriegstein Consulate Xin-Taibei
Leaders and Commanders
1 2 (with one creeper)
1, many enchanted valuables 1 (le creeper) Suicide Bomber

Early one morning, the benevolent First Consul of Kriegstein was hospitalized by a shameful suicidal attack orchestrated by Taibei terrorist agents. When he came to and returned to the scene of the narrow atrocity, his possession had been shamefully stolen by the commie leader: DustRemover.

Taibei claimed annexation of Nouvelle Reims, and murdered one of the most prominent consul of Kriegstein's leading Triumvirate. Then Taibei's “Valiant” leader stole Sidmarcus01's valued items.

It was the start of the server's 3rd Summer when Taibei, an old communist project imagined by Dustremover, was finally taking root in Oceania; right next door to Nouvelle Reims. Sidmund Marcus the First, seeing these new neighbours, and wishing to create friendly relations, attended the recreation of the mudhut fucking third world shit settlement. Still unsure of this oldfriend's intentions, the shrewd First Consul secretly prepared themselves for combat, just in case. It was during this goodwill visit that the devilish Taibei leader, DustRemover, claimed the glorious Nouvelle Reims as their own.

The Battle

Stalwart of mind and strong in arms Marcus stood his ground as the vile Taibei leader dispatched their guards to take the Consul hostage; or to exact a worse fate. However, before Sid could subdue the house's retainers and confront the shitbuilder, DustRemover dispatched a creeper Taibei suicide bomber from behind, suddenly knocking Sid unconscious (confident DustRemover won't take any hostile actions during such a diplomatic visit he had not worn any armor). Before the Nouvelle Guard could retrieve their unconscious leader, the petty DustRemover looted all Sid's valuables and logged out like a sandniggah vanished.

When the first Consul came to in a Nouvelle hospital and realising his possessions stolen (the dirty leader even took some bread, such is life in Third World), Sid was enraged to Autistic wrath and swore an oath to crush Xin-Taibei.


The Katten Khanate pledges its troops with Taibei in a show of Asian solidarity, you have been warned. — Khan greenkitten 2013/06/15 08:20

We have our three thousand men in those hills next to kreigstein, watch your back Juden. — KHAGAN KOVIO OF THE AZORE HORDE 2013/06/15 13:49

This is an affront to the Kriegstein Consulate. Retaliations will be done. — Sidmund Marcus the First, First Consul of Kriegstein 2013/06/15 18:43

Trespassers that disturb the peace and the quiet of Nouvelle Reims shall aknowledge the fierce wrath of the Sacred Triumvirate. As a peaceful nation, we offer you the luxury of an ultimatum to give tribute to the consulate as a formal apology for your crimes. — Ralxtew, Consul of Kriegstein 2013/06/15 18:44

Grand Duke P_P_A of Walschor is currently out crusading against the Arabs of the North African province of Al-Provence, whose third world internet is insufficient to connect him to the server to come to the aid of his Kriegsteinian allies. He promises to partake in any eventual retaliation scheduled after the next week.

With Kriegstein's leadership I wonder what will happen first: they surrender or switch sides and join the Mongols. — caBastard 2013/06/15 19:24

Following Battle(s)


Sidmarcus was wounded, some valuable stuff stolen. Overall the bugghurt was strong.

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