The Spawn Riots
Dates 14-10-2011
Location Kurwa
Result Succesful riot
Contra's Rioters
Leaders and Commanders
Killer_Chris BarbaraDruze
2 8

The general mood was grim after Spawnchange. Only some locals enjoyed the new spawn location, while others were angry, couldn't find train stations anywhere, and saw their commute exponentially increased.

Rants about the new spawn were not rare prior to the riots, and many pleas were made to change it. But it was BarbaraDruze who took the initiative, and called for a riot. First one to follow him was Ghoul, followed by TheDookie. They started building a fuckhuge penis right beside the spawn point. Soon after, more and more people started joining in.

Some tried to stop the riots still, with violence, and even ban threats. But now that the rioters had gained momentum, and not unimportantly, numbers, they seemed unstoppable. The contra's quickly ceased their futile efforts. The rioters continued, supplied their own food, and continued their peaceful activities. Their main methods of protest were the building of sand structures, penisses and swastika's in particular. The Rioters were the following: BarabaDruze, Ghoul, TheDookie, McSam, Uzor, Robin, Hansbliebdo, dragonbf (shortly only).

The riots were finally silenced by the almighty AlphaBernd, after he agreed to fulfill the rioters demands. The old spawn was remade. The rioters celebrated their victory with music at the trainstation in Alphatown.

The new spawn area is now full of penisses and swastika's, just like your mom.

Rosenmann got incredibly butthurt over these riots. He eventually decided to punish the main rioters (BarabaDruze, TheDookie, Ghoul) by rollbacking them for 300 hours. Houses, chests, and major parts of Uganda and Reddock disappeared, as TheDookie and BarabaDruze built a lot in these towns. Rosenmann, after he understood he had just made an enormous mistake as the worst mod he was, rollbacked the rioters again to fix the damages. Unfortunatly, everything came back with a lot of glitches such as wrong-placed stairs. Everything eventually got fixed thanks to the help of mods and few hours of work. However, Rosenmann had a huge guilt feel and decided to leave the server for good.

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