Sivernian War

Sivernian War
Dates April 7th – April 16th 2015
Location Siverny, Bay of Vargisk
Result Watertown destroyed
Breshik recognises Siverny's independence
Breshikan ports open to Cærulean merchants
Flag Commonwealth of Breshik
Supported by:
Flag Calisia
Flag Siverny (until 8/4)
Flag Cærulean Federation
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Shakomatic
Flag Austrobernd
Flag Tomoko
Flag Sidmarcus01
Flag P_P_A
Flag Venomthrope
Flag June
3 4
~10 ~10
Watertown - Fort Siverny - Operation cheeki breeki

The Sivernian Succession Movement

For unknown reasons, the King of Kriegstein, Sidmarcus01, an most trusted ally of Kaiser Shakomatic, decided to leave the Commonwealth. All diplomatic offers were in vain. Until one of the new lords, wo replaced Tomoko found out the real reason behind the so called “desire of independence”: He was part of an plot to etablish an imperalistic empire.

The Road to War

Hearing this information, the Kaiser orders an Emergency Depate of his most trusted allies; Lord Niller of Winterlyn and First lord of Breshik, Austrobernd. After a long session, it was decided, that immediatly acts were needed. The Kaiser himself has ordered the mobilization of the armed forces of Breshik. But the time was already too short. Days after the Council heard about the treachery of Sid, the sabrerattling begun, and Cærulean was etablished.


Because Sid was unwilling to give up his position, the Breshkian Navy lawfully laid an embargo on Siverny. Before the Fleet even arrived the Insula, there appeared suddenly an fleet of the newborn Cærulean Federation. They laid an blockade on Novabydlograd and proposed an referendum. After the farce of this so called “referendum”, which was an insult for every democratic election. the “independent” observers declared the independence of Shiverny, the silvernians voted 100% for the independence.

Watertown asked formally for support from Breshik, and soon the Kaiser depached a small force in the village, even under his command. After the invaders besieged the Settlement, the Breshkian forces retreated.

Founding of the Commonwealth

Unable to rule over the Empire anymore, the Kaiser disband the Commonwealth of Breshik, and every lord of the former CoB rejoined Shakomatic. Even Calisia, under the rule of Tomoko, who got striped of the lordship by Shakomatic joined the Allianc (althrought he had to started an election, because Calisia was a direct democracy at the time). And started a counterattack on silverny.

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