The Siege of Fort Libau

The Siege of Libau
Date 26 September, 2011
Location Fort Libau, Kurwa
Result Decisive Nova Kurwan victory
Nova Kurwa
West Rhodes
Rogue Fort of Libau
Leaders and Commanders
flag V1adimirr
flag Rosenmann
6 4
~10 ~20
Kurwan reaquisition of land; Exile of Libaun residents; Ban of Roki

On the second day of the server, v1adimirr noticed a large wall next to Nova Kurwa. Upon inspection, he found it to be an independent fort and he confronted the residents. Informing them that they were building on Kurwan soil, he gave them the option to continue building, be given Kurwan materials and help, and fly under the banner of Kurwa, or to leave the nation's land. HendzisLv refused both options, responding that Nova Kurwa had no legitimate claim to the land, as there was no sign within the fort's walls. The Nova Kurwans pointed to a number of signs inside Nova Kurwa (100-200 blocks from the fort) as well as the wiki that claimed the “entire island,” though the Libuans refused to accept them as proof. To further deligitimise the Kurwan claims, during the night Grabarz19 and HendzisLv snuck behind the Kurwan town wall and cut a canal through, seperating the two land masses so that the fort was not part of the island anymore and, in their eyes, not subject to the claim. Tired of fruitless negotiations and griefing, the Kurwans drew their swords and assaulted the fortress.

The Kurwans called upon their allies West Rhodes to aid them in the first conflict of the server. Once together, v1adimirr led the assault party to the South Keep, part of the Nova Kurwan town wall adjacent to Fort Libau, to sleep so that they would respawn near the action.

The ambiguity of the situation led both sides to question what items were allowed under the Rules of Engagement. Erring on the side of caution, Nova Kurwa equipped its men with only iron armor and weapons, but were soon cut down in the opening stages of the assault by the Libauns, who had outfitted themselves with diamond armor and even diamond swords. The Libauns had taken position on the ramparts of their fort and fired arrows into the Kurwan lines as they advanced toward the fort. V1adimirr was the first to breach the walls by using a secret entrance and slayed a Libaun from behind, drawing first blood, but was himself soon cut down by HendzisLv, who was wielding a diamond sword. V1adimirr's cries of foul fell on deaf ears and the conflict continued.

Soon the Kurwans would scale the walls using ladders and dirt ramps and the fight was inside the fort. During the opening minutes the Kurwan's numbers seemed to balance the Libaun's superior equipment and causualties were felt on both sides. Once the Libaun's equipment was lost, the battle quickly came to close, with Nova Kurwans patrolling the streets of the fort until the Libaun's beds were found.

Once all members of the fort were dispatched for good or had retreated, the Kurwans raised the flag of Nova Kurwa over the fort and declared victory.

The mods collected all of the Libaun's posessions and brought them to Alphatown for them to resettle elsewhere. A member of Libau briefly attacked Nova Kurwa and griefed a few houses, but was soon killed. Given the circumstances, Nova Kurwa did not press charges against the griefer.

Later, Roki asked to be teleported to Nova Kurwa to “look around.” He was, under the express condition he not grief- lest he be permabanned. Roki climbed to the top of the Kurwan cathedral, placed lava over the Nova Kurwan flag, and was promptly banned.

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