September Race Riots
Breshikan Lives Matters demonstrators dragging an Aspergian man out of his truck and beating nearly to death
Dates September 1st, 2017
Location Hinoarashington, Republic of Ender
Result Police successfully suppress rioters
Office of the Executive
Breshikan Lives Matters
Leaders and Commanders
President Hino_Arashi
Speaker BearMonger
Representative Glitch Y. Bats
Breshikan Lives Matters
~2 50+ demonstrators
2 50+

The September Enderian Race Riots

During election season, after an executive investigation into the actions of Congress, the President of Ender declared the nation to be in a state of emergency and issued a warning for civilians to remain indoors. President Hino_Arashi revealed that opposition leader, Glitch Y. Bats had been planning with various other government officials such as the Chief Justice to cause civil unrest in hopes of purging elements of the regime which were loyal to the Executive. The President responded by declaring martial law and suspending the upcoming Enderian elections as well as dissolving both the bodies of Congress and the Supreme Court.

Supporters of Representative Bats met outside of his Starbats Headquarters in defiance of the orders to remain indoors and tensions began to reach a fever pitch as a Breshikan demonstrator punched Officer Iron Golem and was prompty punched to death by the officer on the streets.

Racial tensions between newly arriving ethnic Breshikan-Enderians and chiefly Aspergian-Enderian after the Republic's failed conflict in the Breshikan lands. Amidst the melee, windows were broken in and buildings were set ablaze, furthering police and military intervention. President Hino_Arashi announced the assembly was unlawful and ordered the crowd to disperse. The primarily Aspergian military and police force was accused of systematic racism and excessive force for the use of rooftop snipers in order to disperse the crowd.

The demonstrators began to turn their attention towards the statue of the Ender Dragon in the middle square, decrying it as a symbol of Aspergian supremacy which had held them down over the years because they were “kiasers n shit” while Aspergians “lived in caves”. The iconic dragon statue celebrating the victory of the Aspergians over the dragon was heavily damaged by TNT placed and detonated by the anti-government rioters. The carnage lasted for approximately six days until the police finally dispersed the crowd.

The exact fallout of the incident has yet to be determined.

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