Democratic Protest Against Putin ElectionPart of the dictature in Russia
Dates 18 March 2018
Location Spawn
Result Despite losses among corrupt officials, Putin is elected
Democrats Corrupted Election Comission
Leaders and Commanders
Urfin_Djus noone
1 2
2 around 7

A Putin-election have started in Russia, and armed protestants tried to affect election results, attacked the polling station, and killed some corrupted members of election comission.

Putin wanted to sit at presidents chair 6 more years, and nobody could prevent him from taking this place for the fourth time.

Crni_Drachen has built a voting place where people could vote only for putin. But Urfin came and left his vote for Grudinin, and afterward Crni said that votin for other candidates is restricted and Urfin will be arrested soon.

The Battle

First, Urfin started an invisible-attack and tried to blow up voting place using ender-crystals and tnt, but failed cuz of shitty entitylwc protection. Only a hole under it was created by explosions, and thats when Drachen died first time. Flakese tried to fight for his right to vote for Putin and attaked Urfin three times, and was killed three times. Urfin got the controll of the area and deleted all “vote for putin” signs from around. When Urfin gone for a minute, Dracen checked the results of election and informed everyone that Putin has won the election with 80.1%. Urfin disliked it and killed Flakese and Crni, then blocked election chest with droppers, but PPA removed them

Election place rolled back, protestants promised that if democracy wont be reached today, it will be reached tomorrow.

blow up some tnt and crustals at spawn, but that was rolled back afterwards: drachen worries about lost picture-maps.

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