Public Iron Incident

The Public Iron Incident
Date 7-17-2013
Location Moowall, Condeura
Result Griebed up Public Iron and Pissed off Darynu
Condeura Wither
Leaders and Commanders
Kitty4fun Godzilla The Wither
4 1
More than reasonable 1

Essentially an experiment gone terribly wrong. Public Iron tried to fly too close to the sun and had to apply cold water directly to the burn.

Kitty4fun is always looking for new ways to automate production of goods. He sought a way to make a cobblestone generator that harvested itself, without a worker. He created a model in his single player world in which he harnessed a wither to create a generator, and decided to attempt it in the server.

Kitty4fun and Joe built exactly to Kitty's model, and were so sure of themselves, that they didn't even wait for backup, in case the wither escaped.

The Battle

The Wither broke free into the cave systems near the reactor, and wreaked havoc with it's new army of Cave Spiders. As kitty4fun and Joe were ill prepared, it was able to kill them several times. Darynu and wickedsparrow showed up in order to put an end to the wither and, after darynu died a few times, were able to. Oh yeah, and Joe kept pouring lava on kitty4fun and Darynu like an asshat.

Wickedsparrow and Darynu scoured the caves looking for the nether star, and almost gave up. Finally wickedsparrow found it, everybody punched kitty4fun in the face for being stupid, and we all went the fuck home.


Public Iron has proven itself to be a major hazard to the people around it, and has been officially confined to Noromical's Mountainous province. There shall be no Public Iron factories elsewhere in Condeura, for fear of the general public's safety.

Public Iron's main reactor was slightly damaged in the battle, as kitty4fun was dumb enough to build the cobble reactor right next to it. IT is a good thing the wither went away from the reactor rather than towards it.

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