The Polocaust
Dates 27-02-13
Location Cebulandia
Result All poles are gone
Flag Battkhortostan
Katten Khaganate
Flag Kriegstein Consulate Supported by:
Flag Onionland
Leaders and Commanders
~10-12 2137
3 Alle

The War of Ethnic Cleansing

An organised illegal crusade against the aimless Polish horde regular Polish players in order to restore the chat's primary language to English.

Proving that they are not apolitical by defending itself against Finngolian provocations, and since Enton stated that since they broke basically every rule in the rules of engagement, the Katten Khaganate Khanate, including its sub-nations, is not allowed to declare war, the Battkhortostanis have illegaly taken it upon themselves to cleanse the server of a commonly used (lol what) non-English language.

The day prior, Sikandar followed a young and naive Pole back to Cebulandia, and attempted to suffocate the Poles found there in their homes by filling them with sand, to be stopped by known Polish mod Enton.

Kovio and K_Chris tried to send a diplomatic mission troops to talk to the poles, to which the Poles responded “no fuk u kurwa”. When asked to please at least attempt to speak in English, a rule that has been a server mainstay since the beginning of Alpha's reign which is supported by every mod including Enton, the Poles said something similar. Let it be known that Enton lets the Poles speak Polish because he has German-guilt and wishes he could be a Polack.

K_Chris invaded Cebulandia and killed like 4 Poles. Much butthurt was had and he was banned for an hour.


<v1adimirr> i think spamming of chat is a legit casus belli

Since the chat was not spammed, this rule is not applicable. -Enton

This quote is taken out of context. The chat is 90% Polish and when asked to speak in English it is my experience and apparently the experience of others that the Poles either ignore or decline the request or one of them speaks English for 5 minutes before reverting back to Polish. It is a legitimate Casus Belli, but if the Poles return to speaking begin speaking primarily in English then this war becomes unjust and unnecessary. Until such a time it is legitimate justification under the rules of warfare. — Arbiter 2013/02/28 03:07


After the firsts blows exchanges between K_Chris and the poles, Nothern Americans and Western Europeans decided to unite against the potato language malevolence. This led to Le first Anti-Polish Crusade that resulted in an Overwhelming victory for the civilized coallition.

Onionland was abandoned after an months.

Lots of polish players left the server forever.
Also mongol butthurt

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