Occupy Spawn Movement

Occupy SpawnPart of the Occupy Movement

Accurate depiction of the battle, drawn with environmentally sustainable non-toxic crayons on recycled paper
Dates 23- 3- 2013
Location Spawn
Result West West battx defeat
West West Battx
Many 5
0 too many ; _ ;

Sick with government oppression and their lack of rights, commune members of West West Battx took up camp at spawn.

As the anarchists joined the server they began to occupy the trees at spawn, aided by their green yevs the trees were successfully occupied until the citizens of the server took up arms. After respawning not too far from where they died the anarchists ran back to the trees and tried to defend them. Some anarchists were knocked off the trees into the happy merchant market. In the markets a mysterious stranger arrived and handed some anarchists some TNT which they promptly used to damage some of the stalls.

Sick of these protests moderators arrived and destroyed the yevs and officially allowed all protesters to be shot on sight. The anarchists having no bed to return to continued being respawned at spawn and were promptly massacred. After many many many deaths the anarchist saw fighting their way out of spawn to be a Sisyphean task and decided to flee for their lives. These escape attempts were often short lived as the angry server citizens employed the use of ranged weaponry or had powerful swords able to kill in as little as 2 strokes of the blade. Massive lag further impeded the frequently respawning anarchists. Attempts to defend themselves by building cactus walls only yielded some short-lived success.

While the rest of the anarchists were struggling with their lives one anarchist made it atop of Ace Burgers and shouted slogans such as “MEAT IS MURDER!” Not too long after he was hunted down and was massacred like the rest of his clan at spawn.

The slaughter of the anarchists did not subside so a moderator teleported them to a safe haven in Badface.

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