The North Ender War
Dates 8-16-13
Location * Northender, Ender Republic
Result Ongoing
Flag Ender Republic
Represented by:
Flag 1st Enderian Cavalry
Flag Enderian Navy
Flag North Ender
Represented by:
Flag Ender Liberation Army
Flag Kingdom Of Kriegstein
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Hinoarashi
Flag EternalZohne
Flag GlitchyBat
Flag Kim Jong Bat
Flag Bul Go Gi
Flag Long Wang
Flag Sidmarcus
7 Unknown
9 14

Marxist revolutionaries living in the division of North Ender took to arms, wishing to oust the Ender Republican presence by force. The leader of the communist rebels, Kim Jong Bat declared their selves a sovereign entity and called for the death of Wonderfields governor, GlitchyBat for not providing adequate housing for his citizenry and leaving them to live in gigantic phalluses he had built prior. From this point, the Marxist rebels formed the Democratic People's Republic of Ender.

DPRE forces managed to capture the town of Wonderfields and its surrounding territories, driving off away the Unionist Enderian citizens. The Congress of Ender unanimously declared to station forces in Northender in order to protect national interests while not recognizing the legitimacy of the DPRE regime.

During the battle of Battle of Madeuwe, the militants of North Ender testfired a new weapons system on the battlefield known as Taepodong, wrecking havoc. Despite this, the Ender Republic managed to capture the shorelines of Northender and stationed warships nearby.

Trouble continued in the North. Shakomatic refused to petition Congress for Independence. Despite claims my the leader of the settlement of Nova Avence that it would remain apolitical, Shakomatic began to make political claims to the land of Danik. The Republic responded by asserting that Danikian assets shall also be secured.

The fighting died down until November 18th when Kriegstein voiced support for the Danikian militants and their leader. Not only did the rogue state of Danik continue to refuse to petition Congress for independence, it had also enlisted foreign troops for help. The Enderian military was stationed to stand by for further orders as the situation developed.

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