The Nordic-Rumine Spawn SkirmishPart of the Nordic Crusade on Russians
Date 5-20-18
Location Outside spawn
Result Fueled tensions
Thule Ruminian Union
Leaders and Commanders
theloneranger1 anatolgol3
1-2 1-4
0 1

Before The Battle

anatolgol3 and cuckboi97 had been arguing about something. cuckboi messaged theloneranger1 on steam and told him to fuck this Russian nigga up.

The battle

anatolgol challenged theloneranger1 to a fight, theloneranger of course accepted preserving his very highly esteemed honor.

The Battle

theloneranger1 met with anatolgol3 and the two began to fight almost immediately. anatolgol3's superior archery tactics proved almost too good but they were no match for the Huskarl's mighty shield and dodging maneuvers. cuckboi97 then showed up (for some reason) intending to strike anatolgol3 down. The Nords successfully defeated him but this only angered him more.

He returned to spawn enlisting in the aid of a SoMi ally named Siver and the four started to fight once more. Darth_Meetra was interested in the battle and joined the Ruminians, receiving a sword from anatolgol3. cuckboi mysteriously disappeared leaving theloneranger1 to fight them off by himself, as the Nords had just done before. The three were quite evenly matched requiring theloneranger to use defensive tactics but he was still able to inflict major damage until two more Ruminians showed up seeking bloodshed for their fallen comrade.

theloneranger1 was forced to retreat back to Vargsund outmatched by the four enraged Slavs citing ““fuuuuuuuuuuuuck that dude I can't 4v1 you mongols”.

It was a quite clean, fair and very exciting battle, no one was really that butthurt over it however it definitely fueled both sides for a possibly upcoming ethnicity war.

This battle caused Freistaat Mondsteinberg to break their long lasting alliance with the Nords, citing that their blood ran deeper with RMCU.

Following Battle(s)

To be continued ;)

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