Mall ShootingPart of Bear's Drama Hour
Dates 02-02-18
Location Tomo's second spawn Mall
Result Attacker arrested
Bystanders Onion
a few 1 and a few withers
? 1


The New New Spawn Mall, officially the WataMote Mall, was commissioned by Tomoko Kuroki (CEO of TomoCorp) 2~ years ago. Tomo contracted the job to Bearmonger, providing him with supplies and the location. Lack of work on the project made CEO Tomoko of TomoCorp lose faith in BearMonger inc. and decided his services were no longer needed after two years of unfinished work. Bear, using the excuse of lack of resources as the reason he could not finish the project (even if he was given sufficient resources by all accounts) decided to state that the Mall was actually a Public works project and that CEO Tomo had no power to fire him.


On 1/1-2/2018, Bear and his worker's Union started an illegal occupation of WataMote Mall, drawing considerable attention from the locals. CEO Tomoko arrived at the scene to find heavily armed unionists inside the mall, he tried to ask Police Officer AustroCat (an old friend of Tomo) to arrest them, austrocat BETRAYED the Businessman and even joined the unionists. BearMonger was not willing to listen to reason, he would not give the Money back that TomoCorp paid him, and he would not take orders from its employees. The communist nature of the occupation became clear, bear wanted to nationalize the mall and some unionists declared it a sovereign state.


During the dispute, anarchists manage to infiltrate the protesters. One of these Anarchists was part of an ultra nationalist Slavic and anti-American party, he went by the name of “Onion.” It's unclear what his goal was, but some have speculated that it was to kill as many westerners and non-slavs as possible. Onion has used anti-american hatespeech before, and is known for his anti-western views. He set off a series of wither bombs that caused much damage, the authorities managed to capture him but he was released a few days later. Many people were hurt during the incident and one person died.

Austro's Version of Events

While Bearmonger tried to continue on his mall, he got in an heated argument with mods over his mall. This was used by Onion who started to attack anyone who happens to be in said building. Apparently his primary target was Bearmonger. His attack failed however and angry at this outcome he came back later to deploy a few withers to cause havoc. The people there however dispatched rather quickly of those and the damage was rollbacked. Onion was banned for 2 days but the ban was lifted the next day. Some people voiced their disappointment that Onion didn't wrote any memorable lines when activating the withers.

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