Mall Bombings of January 2018

Mall Bombings of January 2018Part of the ongoing class war
Dates 16-01-18
Location New Spawn Mall
Result More victims of bolice brutality
Police Officer _glo
1 1
1 Brutal Police officer fascist 1 Martyr

When suddenly, a self-proclaimed “Police Officer” was oppressing the free people at New Spawn Mall, brave action was taken. The fascist, representative of “the law” and allegedly of “the people” was loitering around the mall, protecting the scene of capitalist activity.

Forcing the enslaved Villagers to sell crap goods and also selling their manpower for the rich, the police officer clearly is a collaborator of the bourgeoise.

But the people did fight back against this injustice. The oppressor hid inside a small guard house. First, a glass block was destroyed. Then, the Mall was bombed and attacked, killing the officer several times by bomb, bow, sword and iron shovel.


The events led to the outbreak of the inevitable class war. Police started the investigation.

1 glass block, several iron blocks, self-assurance of bourgeoise hegemony

One mentally instable individuum was spreading fear and terror to the residents of Spawn Town as he attacked multiple Police Officers of the APD and detonated crude bombs inside the lobby of spawn mall. The Individuum was shot shortly after by an heroic police Officer.

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