War of Nova Kurwa

The Nova Kurwa war was ignited in the last days of October by caBastard's acquisition of the Kurwan Government and abolishment of the Common Empire together with political attacks against Battkhorotstan, it started out as a war to liberate Kurwa from the caBastard regime.

War of Nova KurwaPart of the caBastard Conflict
Nova kurwa City Hall waving West Rhodes red ensign used by the Provisional Government of West Rhodes to Nova Kurwa
Nova Kurwa
caBst paying 64 iron ingots
YugoTexas getting banned for losing 4 of the ingots.
Flag Coenstad
Flag Merchants Guild
Flag Zelenozemlje
Flag Shina 3
Flag Common Empire
Flag West Rhodes
Flag Nova Kurwa under the PGNK
Leaders and Commanders
Flag YugoTexas
Flag Ghoul
Flag Merelej
Flag jogiff
Flag mazznoff
Flag CaBst
Flag Uxbridge
5 4
1 0

On the eve of a hollowed night caBastard managed to convince Alphabernd to hand over Kurwa to him, much to the outrage of many players outraged at the fact of caBastard's political actions against the Common Empire and Battkhortostan, with this a colition of Coenstad and several other settlements lead by YugoTexas prepared to liberate their land and remove caBastard from power

After assemblying a coalition to wage the war, caBastard quickly tried to avoid the unavoidable by with the consent of mazznoff but without consulting any Kurwans declared Testytigershark to be leader of Kurwa in public, most coalition who saw this as a trick with caBastard till controlling Kurwa behind the scenes, while others raised their voices at the fact a person of pure Battkhorti lineage was declared the leader of Kurwa despite knowing that testy holds dual citizenship.

It was at this point the cast for war was set

Having a declaration of war written up that was blessed by God as proper and legitimate by the rules of engagements, YugoTexas deleived the declaration to Cabastard on November 1st and told him under the rules of engagement his government has 5 days to respond to the declration.

The War

caBastard's immedate response was to ban YugoTexas from the Server and IRC and declare the declaration to be illegal and non-biding despite paperwork attached to it showing God reviewing the reason of war and approving the Declaration legitimate, due to the fact the premise of the war was his coup of Kurwa and the fact he withdrew from it, despite the fact the actual reason listed in the declaration was due to a different issue. He further declared since he no longer was head of Nova Kurwa through the PGNK, he is immune to all declarations of war, and that if forced to pay the 64 iron waving fee, he would simply grief YugoTexas for it.

He also reiterated the fact that despite Kurwa only holding 2 seats out of 3 in the Common Empire, he had the right to unilaterially abolish it as leader of Kurwa, and declare Battkhortostan, a subdivision of the Empire, no longer a valid political entity.

Having little patiante to autistic matters, caBst threw 64 iron ingots all around YugoTexas' island.


Yugo cried because he couldnt find 4 iron ingots and demanded to Alphabernd to have caBst pay him the 4 remaining iron ingots. Since caBastard's payment was completely legal since method of transer is not specified by any treaty, YugoTexas alleged the payment was invalid and thus the war had to continue. Alphabernd decided to pay Yugo the remining 4 ingots for him to shut his mouth, but in an act of pride and slavic morals, YugoTexas threw the ingots away and kept demanding caBastard to pay the 4 iron ingots, he even stated he would declare more wars against caBastard's associates for it. To this Alphabernd said no, but with YugoTexas insisting on his actions, Great God issued a 2 day ban from the IRC and Server to YugoTexas.

Following Battle

Hopefully none. It's true they say the more the merrier, but with autism, it is not.

YugoTexas's pride was greatly damaged. caBastard's wallet partially.

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