Kurwan Civil War
Dates 12/9/2011-12/10/2011
Location Nova Kurwa
Result Forfeiture of the seat by the rebel faction, Kurwan victory, YugoTexas appointed as ruler of Kurwa
Flag Common Empire
Flag Nova Kurwa(C.E.)
Flag State of Nova Kurwa
Flag West Rhodesian Army
Flag Coenstad after 12/9/2011
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Sikandar
Flag K_Chris
Flag YugoTexas until 12/9/2011
Flag Vladimirr
Flag Eagle1 until 12/10/2011
Flag caBst
Flag Uxbridge
Flag YugoTexas after 12/9/2011
4 6

The West Rhodes faction won the first battle, but the candidate for chancellor they supported forfeited. Originally YugoTexas was intended to be the Batt.x backed candidate, but later withdrew in confusion. The issue of Kurwan succession was negotiated between the Inner Party of the Battkhortostan National-Bolsheviks and the rebel-backed candidate eagle1, who finally decided to appoint YugoTexas.

Sikandar returned to the server and stirred up a bunch of shit.

Sikandar initially claimed that testytigershark and Killer_Chris devolved (not dissolved) the Common Empire, and then reformed the government into the Federal Republic of Battkhortostan including both constituents of the CE as states within the federation. The Bx. RISSR and Republic of Battkhortostan were reunified into a single state. West Rhodes took objection to this and claimed this was an annexation of Kurwa by Battkhortostan, breaking the oath testytigershark had made, and declared war. It is unknown whether testytigershark actually made these statements. v1adimirr later stepped in and stated that the war was a civil war. caBst earlier chose eagle1 as the chancellor of Kurwa (a breach of Kurwa's sovereignty), while Battkhortostan chose to back YugoTexas as candidate after v1adimir declared testytigershark an invalid chancellor.

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YugoTexas withdrew in anger from the Batt.x side after Batt.x lost the first battle, later joining the WR side. The WR backed faction's candidate later forfeited the war on IRC.

<Eagle-1> ok, batt.x you want Kurwa so bad, you can have it.
<Eagle-1> fuck off, you wanted it, you got it. I give up.
<Sikandar> Alright. Since the pretender to the throne forfeits, the war is over then.

Sikandar was asked to come up with a solution for the crisis by v1adimirr in the aftermath of the forfeiture by eagle1, and in his graciousness decided not to incorporate Kurwa as a state in the reunified Federal Republic of Battkhortostan. With eagle1's and Sikandar's blessings, YugoTexas was nominated as a neutral ruler of Kurwa on the condition that he dissolve all past international agreements with other nations.

B.U.R.D.O. agents are thought to have played a major role in manipulating the outcomes of the war.

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