Tomoks Revolt

In true Breshikan idiocy, tomoko decided to start a revolt to establish force the crown to make a constitution, although the crown was already planning on making a constitution. Subsequently bremen showed up and sided with the rebel causing much property damage and butthurt. Tomoko was inevitably banished but reinstated after it was decided that such levels of Autistic retardation only further cemented tomoko as a true Breshikan.

Tomoko's Rebellion
Dates 3-27-15
Location Nova Bydlograd
Result Tomoko is expelled from Breshik
BlakkCooper is banned
Status quo ante bellum
Flag Absolutists Flag Constitutionalists
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Shakomatic Flag Lord Tomoko
4 2
countless 3

Starving, desperate, and anxious in his noble chambers, Lord Tomoko could no longer live in such pain. The merchants and peasants of Nova Bydlograd yearned for rights, and Lord tomoko was the only Lord in government who would listen to their plight, he understood their pain, their situation and their earnest passion for suffrage. One day before the constitutional assembly, a mob of angry citizens outside his residency angerly protested for him to act and forcefully take the assembly to proclaim a Representative constitutional monarchy, and draft a constitution for the people . Desperate, Lord Tomoko weighed his options, to follow with the constitutional assembly of the king, and ignore the rights of the peasants, or to forcefully take the assembly by any means and betray his beloved Kaiser who he had served for so long and so loyally. He pondered for a bit until a small child, wearing nothing but rags, came up to him. The child was so malnourished and starving that you could see the outline of his bones, he looked up at Lord tomoko and handed him a small red flower and smiled. Tears immediately ran down Lord Tomoko's cheeks, he gently grabbed the flower and handed the poor child a loaf of bread. He had decided his course of action. He looked at the crowd and unsheathed his sword, there and then he spoke these words, “My beloved Kaiser is not at fault for the ills of our city, the evils of the outsiders have made our country poor, but what we lack in material we make up in heart. My Kaiser fears that giving power to the people will make our country weaker. I will fight for you, I will give my all for the people even if I were to fall. I cannot guarantee you suffrage, but I will make your voices heard” the crowd cheered him on. Lord tomoko was prepared to fight.

Lord Tomoko, in enchanted silver armour led the protesters into the city from the Northwest gate, the peasants became restless and started chanting for the other Lords to come out, they soon started ransacking houses for food but found none. Lord tomoko soon came face to face with his Kaiser. With tears in his eyes, he yelled at the Kaiser “I am sorry my Kaiser, my lord, king of kings, but I must do this for my people or live my life in shame and dishonor” He rushed at the kaiser and an epic duel played out. The Kaiser's guards and the armed peasants also started fighting in the streets of Nova bydlograd. From house to house, store to store, the streets ran red in the blood of the revolution, as red as the flowers pedals. Lord Tomoko was no match for Kaiser Shako, but was fortunate to have lost him in the chaos of the revolution, their fight was over momentarily. One of the kaisers knights, Austrobernd decided to move in and arrest Lord tomoko. Tomoko fought the brave knight off, and chased him into the city hall, but alas it was a trap, the Kaiser soon appeared and Lord tomoko tried his best to fight them off but was struck down. After the peasants rescued Lord Tomoko from city hall, an evil Warlock-uruk hai appeared in front of him, the uruk hai was named Bremen. He told Tomoko that he was near by and heard cries, also smelled blood in the air so he rushed to Nova bydlograd. Tomoko not understanding what was going on asked the uruk hai what he wanted, Bremen responded “ I can make you king of this domain, if only you let me fight with you” Tomoko, ignorant of the immense power of the warlock-uruk hai looked at his people, covered in blood, tired of fighting, and agreed. Even if Tomoko never thought to himself that he would realistically even want to be king, but with the Kaisers reinforcements from winterlyn arriving every minute, tomoko knew his people would not last long, Tomoko's own reinforcements from settlements to the south owned by a Noble Gentleman named P_P_A were too reluctant to come to his rescue and tomoko did not want to pressure the Noble into fighting a foreign war. Bremen healed tomoko with his magic, and reached into his mysterious box where he pulled out many magical potions and Diamond armor enchanted with powerful orge spells that he gave to tomoko. “With these, you cannot lose, with me you cannot lose” The bremen whispered into tomokos ear. Feeling stronger than ever, Lord tomoko got onto his feet, grabbed the diamond enchanted sword and regrouped his people. Lord tomoko was able to fight off the Kaisers strongest knight from winterlyn. Empowered by the new success, he took the town square and proclaimed the king a non grata persona. The peasants cheered as Lord tomoko stood on top of the royal fountain in the square. Not all was as it seemed though, as lord tomoko soon found out. The Warlock-uruk hai, bremen started massacring the royal guards, Sir Austrobernd tried fighting the powerful uruk hai but was no match for him, soon, Sir Banksy and the others also fell in battle to the uruk hai. Enthralled with the taste of blood, the uruk hai started massacring the guards and anyone who worked for the Kaiser. Horrified, lord tomoko stood silent, even if he wanted he was no match to stop the warlock. Lord Tomoko knew he only had one option but to negotiate. The Ambassador of Ender had been kind enough to offer his embassy as neutral ground for both parties to negotiate.

During the battle, the Ender embassy was used by both sides to escape the carnage. Hundreds of refugees from the city cramped inside. Kaiser Shako brought his trusted knights and nobles to negotiate with him, Lord tomoko had instructed the Bremen to stop killing and to negotiate a peace, reluctantly he came. But not even a couple minutes into negotiation, the Warlock uruk hai Bremen had unleashed poisoned gas, in the confusion Lord Tomoko had thought it was the delegates of the Kaiser shako who had released it, so he did not stop bremen from massacring them. But soon after, he learned it was the Warlock that had released and ambushed the Kaiser, and even attacked the Ender representative. Lord Tomoko's honor was shattered by that mere act, and thus he put down his sword and retreated from fighting. He condemned the massacre, and felt ashamed of it. The Revolution was over.

Soon after, Lord Tomoko was banished from breshik, the Kaiser was enraged at his betrayal, and at the fact that he brought such a dangerous uruk hai to the battle. Lord Tomoko sought refuge in Kriegstein territory, First lord Sid took him into his Kingdom. After much negotiation and not wanting the Commonwealth to break up, The kaiser pardoned Lord Tomoko and reinstated his privileges. And thus the Great revolution of the 27th ended. Millions of Peasants died, millions more starved, but Lord tomoko swore to keep on fighting for their rights, legally this time.

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