Holy Winterlynian-Solntzegradian War

UFO Battle above Somerset

Dates 9th of January, 2016
Location Vejlandene, Winterlyn
Result Decicive victory for the Winterlynian alliance
Kingdom of Winterlyn and Grand Duchies of Somerset and Højfjeldene
Nautic Syndicate
United Lands of Skellie Farm
Free State of Smolenia
Sacred Solntze-Grad, represented by:
the Cruxritters
the Cruxritters' First Squad
Leaders and Commanders
7 4
Too little ;_; To many (1488) ;_;

The second war of 2016, started by King Niller

On the 7th of January 2016, niller1703 had heard rumours of the holy artifact: The Chestpiece of Danika. His nation was in dire need of a new artifact for his majestic capital, Wyventon. The ever-so-scheming ally of niller, Austrobernd, was quick to hand over the rumour of the chestpiece being in the city of SG1. The decleration of war was swift from niller's side and with a little diplomacy, both of the nations were ready for the war.

"The sovereign nation of Winterlyn has been informed about the harboring of holy artifacts in the nation 
of Solntze-Grad. Therefore the Kingdom of Winterlyn and Grand Duchies of Somerset and Højfjeldene (Hohenfels) 
give this ultimatum to the people of Sacred Solntze-Grad: hand over the holy artifact (The Holy Chestpiece 
Danika) or face an invasion force with the sole purpose of retrieving said artifact"
- The war declaration from niller

Before The Battle

Both Sides where gearing up, niller contracted Austro to fight for him as mercenary, train Winterlyn Officers in Warfare and buyed a shipment of Weapons and Armorsuits. Tomoko tried also to hire mercenaries, as stated by another mercenary leader [citation needed].


In the province of Vejlandene, the strip between Northern and Southern Somerset, the two nations set up their forts. The winterlynian forces built a medieval fort on the north side while the solntzegradian forces built themselves another fort plus ufo on the south side. The Mercenaries of the Nautic Syndicate under Autro reverese engeneered the Enderian Ufo which crashed into the Vargisk river two months ago and drove it above the Winterlyn Fortress with a division Nautic paratroopers as cargo.
However, niller had started too late and had to give up the plans to integrate The Winterlynian Hellfire guns because of a lack of time.
Also some russians paid for the tickets to spectate the ongoing conflict and had the high tower with balcony built for them. Before that, nearly half of them was killed while wandering around by armed troops. RIB.

The Battle

After problems with Skype messing up for the solntzegradian forces, the battle started at 17:30 CET at night time, when moderator, niller1703 fired the 2 battle rockets.
After that, both sides attempted sneak attacks using invisibility potions. Howewer, the winterlynian mercenaries led by Austrobernd were armed much better than their rivals, so solntzegradian raiding party was quickly eliminated. After that, Winterlynian forces laid siege to the Solntzegradian fort. The defending forces led by Massolit fought bravely and managed to hurt many of Winterlynian warriors badly, but they were overwhelmed anyway and had to retreat to their flying fort, while still spamming arrows at aggressors.
Meanwhile, russian spectators found out that there were less seats than they paid for, so they began a brawl. Also they threw some trash at each other, which resulted in many people falling to the ground and dying.

Decicive blow

Solntzegradian enabled lava waterfalls, which were meant to harm the mercenaries, but most of them had potions of fire protection ready. While fighting, winterlynians had to find a way to ascend to the flying base, so the Nautic Soldier Googin began building bridge from cobblestone and Peasant Mayor Lastebil175 of Wyventon as Austrobernd began swimming through the lava waterfall and managed to make a hole in the stone floor of the fortress with his bare hands! Shortly after the stone stairs was completed, the winterlynian attackers breached the walls of the solntzegradian last stand and most warriors were massacred there. The leader Massolit and his few remaining soldiers holed themselves in the room made of very rare impenetrable material. King Niller ordered to blow up the room, so the blast wave would shake the furniture inside and hurt the enemy even more, but it was revealed, that they are short on dynamite, and the way to King's Personal Dynamite Stash was accidentally blocked by Austrobernd.
Meanwhile, russian spectators found that the battle was too boring to their tastes and started throwing rocks and trash to the battlefield. They managed to hurt and kill 3 solntzegradian warriors. One of them was a brother to solntzegradian gnFur, which was so mad, that he climbed the spectator tower and killed most of the remaining spectators, before he had been thrown from the balcony by spectators Gorichka and NoName.

After many minutes in limbo, Politbüro officer, P_P_A declared the battle over, because neither side could to hurt each other more. The victor was already known from the first minutes of the battle, so it was not needed to count dead bodies and broken blocks.
The winterlynian government did not have to put itself in debt to Austrobernd to pay off the war reperations, but instead recieved the Holy Chestpiece of Danika, that they wanted.

The Holy Chestpiece

The chestpiece is said to have been worn in battle by the mythological king, Danika, who ruled the ancient kingdom of Danika. The chestpiece is important to Winterlyn seeing as it was Danika's younger sister, Abigail, who founded the ancient kingdom of Winterlyn.


Several people were mad at the Winterlynian forces and claim they were too overpowered.

     I condemn this war of aggression against a small newly formed nation.
      - Tomoko leader of the exiled TomoNation
    but we were a bit owerpowered
      - Austrobernd

Others were surprised by the non-veteran forces of Winterlyn

    >winterlyn won a war
      - Austrobernd

Other Reactions

     Ayy lmao
      - Ancient Alien about the UFO wear in Alphas Realm
     Don't kill the spectators please.
      - TV operator June

Following "The Battle of the two Somersets" (so far)

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From left to right: speermen, Salah, gO_Ogin, Austrobernd, niller1602 (alt account) and TheNerd96, Flags: Nautica, Smolensk, Winterlyn, Umm al-Aslufi, Skellie-Farm

Niller looted a bow, but the owner hasn't returned to the server yet. The area surrounding the solntzegradian fort was utterly destroyed and had to be brought back to life by moderator niller1703. Venomthrope terrorised the two parties ambushing and slaying few solitary battle participants from both sides, but was eventually struck down after making off with few chests full of diamond loot taken from both parties containing treasures like googin's Fire Knuckle sword.


Several Players have filmed the battle, PPA, June and googin among others. http://www.twitch.tv/p_p_a http://www.twitch.tv/googin404 add others here or list the seperate videos

The next day, the Republic of Ender broadcasted the following video reviewing footage of the battle.

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