The Gunpowder Plot
Dates 4-20-13
Location Nova Avence
Result Attempted bombing of Battx foiled and backfired
Flag KCO Flag Condeura Flag Breshik
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Hinoarashi
Flag Killer_Chris
Flag Kiatomaran
Flag Joe Flag Shakomatic
3 agents 1 agent 1
0 1 0

One fateful evening, a man named Joe appeared in Oceania who spoke of a vendetta, his friend Kitty4fun had. The Condeuran leader had told Joe to bomb the "Mongols" and their nation of “Badx [sic]”.

The plot was intercepted by Hino, Chris, and Kiatomaran who went under cover disguised as anti-Mongol militants who'd assist Joe in his efforts and misdirect him. This team of KCO agents lead the Condeuran to the Mongol capital city of Nova Avence.

Once Joe had reached his destination, he wasted no time placing TNT it took him very long to place TNT across a small part of the city while shouting out anti-Mongol battle cries and obscenities. The coalition watched in good cheer as Condeuran incompetence lead this agent to bomb the capital city of his nation's own ally.


The King of Breshik, Shakomatic signed on to witness the carnage and was baffled. Joe was killed by a neutral bystander. After he came back, he unsuccessfully proceeded to attack Shako and try to bomb the city further, cursing him as the “Mongol King”. Joe got banned and the damage was fixed.

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