2nd Enchantment table war
Dates 04-09-2016
Location Nouvelle Reims
Result pending
Flag King Sidmarcus01 Flag Kang Austrobernd
Flag King Tomoko
Flag King Niller
1 3
1 0

Sid wanted some useless drama so he stole an ancient Nova Bydlograd relic - the enchantment table that Shako stole from spawn once.

After that Sid escaped to his vacation place at Siverny and waited for the police to find him. But police threatened his close relatives (Septicaemia's horses and Sid's pet polar bear) so he was forced to come back at Nouvelle Reims.

The Battle

As the horses were still taken hostages, Sid was forced to give enchantment table back. But while Austro and Tomoko were standing close, so it was unclear, who took the table. Sid claimed it was Austro, but it actually was Tomoko, who didn't bother to check his inventory. As Austro said he didn't have it, Tomoko ordered him to beat Sid. He was severely injured and broke some bones before Tomoko finally found the table in his inv and stopped being aggressive. But, in 10 minutes King Sid revealed that this was the old enchantment table from his personal library and not the original one (indeed, his library was missing a table). So policemen returned and threatened Sid even more - with full-scale war and annexion of Kriegstein. Again Sid was outmatched and was forced to return the table to it's original place.

Everybody proposed a secession from COM, again.


 Battles for relics are always bloody, but not this time. Maybe, not yet. However, I don't remember much
battles that involved forging the fake items except "14 Coals of Battx". There, each of the sides didn't 
want to give up the coals so there were created several fakes. And in the end, the whereabouts of the 
originals were kept secret. Nearly the same situation we have here: Sid doesn't want to give up the original 
table no matter what, even with hostages taken. Still, Tomoko and Austro trusted him twice. But knowing 
how the important this particular Enchantment Table for the people of COM I can assume that King Sidmarcus 
hid it in the secret place and returned to Nova Bydlograd some other enchantment table (where could Sid 
get it?). But the confirmation or rebuttal of this assumption can only be said by King Sidmarcus himself, 
what is very unlikely. Only the God knows the truth now.
//---- the Creator of The Enchantment Table, June//

Surprisingly, none.

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