The Enchantment Table War

The Enchantment Table War
Dates 3-14-15
Location Nova Bydlograd; New Spawn
Result The Enchantment Table is returned to the spawn, but gets stolen again.
June and venom steal Karak Winterlyn's table.
Ender briefly joins the war and crushes Breshik
the server
Republic of Ender
Flag Commonwealth of Breshik
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Shakomatic
Flag Tomoko
6 5
Dozens Dozens
Shako's dog
Artists depiction of the purging of bydlograd by venomthrope and june

In the early days of 1.8.3, the Commonwealth of Breshik experienced a period of rapid expansion. The capital Nova Bydlograd grew quickly, and new players joined the nation almost every day. The production of the country was unable to keep up with the population growth, and famine and poverty soon befell the land.

Whether to create a diversion from internal problems, or simply because he could not afford to craft his own, King Shakomatic XVII on the 14th of March snuck into the New Spawn and stole the public Enchantment Table, placed there by June for the benefit of all players.
Upon the discovery of the theft, P_P_A declared Shakomatic an outlaw, and urged the players of the server to take back the Enchantment Table from Nova Byldograd. Shakomatic responded by unilaterally declaring the New Spawn an anarchic zone designated for plunder.

The militia of Nova Bydlograd rushing to the defense of the city.

Following the call to arms, June and venomthrope assembled in Nova Bydlograd to take back the Table. They cornered and slew Shakomatic in his home and set it on fire. Unable to find the Table there, they spread out into the streets. Unopposed by the starved peasants, who were desperately fishing for food or standing around idling, June set up cannons at strategic points in the city.

P_P_A, though as a passive observer, too looked for the Table, and eventually found it in a chest in Shakomatic's house. He unlocked it and alerted the two attackers to its location. Venomthrope, after driving out Shakomatic, seized the Enchantment Table, and triumphantly returned it to its rightful place.

Battle of the new Spawn

Not accepting the defeat, Shakomatic assembled his peasant army, and sent killasanta as his vanguard to the New Spawn. Equipped with only a battered leather armour which broke on the first hit, he was quickly slain by June and venomthrope. They felt pity for the poor peasant, and gifted him better equipment upon his return. Tomoko arrived, wearing golden armour, and launched a few ineffective hit-and-run attacks on venomthrope and June, who had set up another cannon.

Tomoko returned with Shakomatic, now battle-ready and clad in golden armour. Fired upon by June's cannons, the Breshikan force was quickly routed. After Shakomatic had been slain, Tomoko engaged in a fighting retreat, but was chased down and killed as well.

The Breshikans retrieved their death chests and returned to their capital, and the confrontation was seemingly over. Shakomatic proclaimed June a persona non grata. It was then that venomthrope discovered that during the battle, killasanta had seized the opportunity to steal the Enchantment Table again, this time along with the surrounding bookcases.

Fighting in the streets of NB.

For a second time, venomthrope and June headed towards Nova Bydlograd. They prepared outside of the city's nether portal, which was doused with lava to prevent them from invading. This time, they mercilessly attacked any citizen of Nova Bydlograd out on the streets, and king's beloved dog Chewy was brutally murdered. Many skirmishes with Tomoko and killasanta ensued, and except for falling off a high spot once, June and venom emerged victorious from all of them. Shako, finding his home besieged by the attackers, sneaked around the alleys and catacombs of the city, trying to escape detection.

P_P_A, not involved in the fighting and acting as a neutral observer, used his mod powers to try and locate the Table, to make sure that it was actually accessible. He found it in a hidden chamber which could only be found by griebing a block, and deemed this unfair for June and venomthrope, who were growing frustrated by their inability to find the Table. He thus broke a block to make it accessible and announced this fact, but gave no hints as to the Table's location. killasanta heard this, took the Table, and ran away with it.

When P_P_A returned to its previous location to re-place the block he'd broken, Shakomatic appeared behind him, now fitted in enchanted diamond gear, and stabbed him from behind. The king went on to fight the invaders and succeeded in killing June. killasanta and the Table disappeared into the vast landruns of the Commonwealth of Breshik, while the fighting in the capital died down just as Sidmarcus01 arrived at the capital to defend his liege.

June and venom searched the lands of Breshik, and found an enchantment table in Karak Winterlyn. They took it with them, but Shakomatic gloated that the Table was still in Breshikan hands. The two fighters refused to cede this moral victory to Shako, but tired of searching the Commonwealth, and so it was decided that the battle was over, but the war would continue.

Lava'ed Monument

Sidmarcus01 quickly overwhelmed the attackers using his high-class Kriegsteinian armor and weapons. Due to lack of armor venomthrome had gone and June was driven out. The Breshikans decided to destroy the place where table stood before and emerged some monument declaring their victory. June was trying to stop them using his sets of random armor and random swords, but each time Sid killed him. However, June managed to put lava on the monument but it was later removed by himself. Some time after that BlakkCooper heard the commotion and came to spawn slaughtering everything that walked and looting all deathchests he saw. He duelled with Sid, but Braman was usually fleeing to overwhelming sid's power, until Blakk killed Sid while giving back stuff to june (where he lose both his iron stuff and june's iron sutuff) and when he was typing, much stuff was niggered, incredible butthurt was displayed.

President Hinoarashi of the Republic of Ender attempted to propose before Congress for war authorization, but it failed to muster enough votes. Instead, a bill passed which would authorize arming the anti-Breshikian alliance. Representatives BearMonger and GlitchyBat stated that use of Enderian force would be excessive and lead to a one-sided battle with Breshikian slaughter.

Some friendly new users Mongols joined the spawn and were offered a home in the Republic of Ender. Sidmarcus immediately went to spawn and started killing these new Enderian citizens in a preemptive attack. Hinoarashi and BearMonger took to arms, giving the new users Mongols supplies. The rest of the Breshikians came to spawn and were quickly slaughtered. BlakkCooper turned coat and fought on Shako's side, attacking Greenkitten and Hinoarashi. In the process, the Republic of Ender managed to take Sidmarcus' and Shakomatic's equipment which was originally Enderian. The battle was a one-sided slaughter where Breshikians scrambled for retreat. Sidmarcus ragequit as a result. President Hinoarashi offered to exchange the Rapiere de Gaylord for GlitchyBat's sword, but the outcome is yet to be seen.

BearMonger and GlitchyBat were proven correct.

Shakomatic announcing the end of Operation Table Anarchy

The Table remained in Breshikan possession. A table from the Breshikan kingdom of Wynterlyn was stolen
P_P_A intended to duel Shakomatic to get revenge for the king's cowardly backstabbing him, but decided to forgive him in the interests of business. A day later, he refurbished June's and his store in Nova Bydlograd and stocked it with food.

Some individuals, not satisfied by Shakomatic "strategical victory" are preparing for another battle to seize back the enchantment tableā€¦

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