The Cold WarThe War that never Was
Dates 2013
Location Autism
Result Collapse of NOTO, Shako quits forever for the third time
Leaders and Commanders
NOTO Security Council KCO General Assembly

In Reaction to the growth of the Khaganate of khatten to relevance once more in march of 2013, the Breshikan Government along with the government of Condeura Signed a treaty to preserve peace in the Northern Region of the map ( that is everything North of MARI). Soon many nations and settlements followed suit in order to ensure peace through combined arms. The Kreigstein Cooperation Organization, known to NOTO forces as the Kreigstein Pact was created from the Battkhortostan-Ender Nonaggression Pact and Battkhortostan-Kriegstein-Auri Mutual Defensive Pact. So far there have been only a few small skirmishes between the Armed forces of both alliances, each time resulting in the withdrawal of the opposing force.

One of the Events that lead up to the conflicts was the Waldsican annexation of Wheaton, for which the Batthorki high command threatened War. Through negotiations the Batthorkis backed down. Days later the North Oceanic treaty was signed between the three main powers of the Northwest.

The Pact has been thought to have sponsored the proxy war in north Avence, where Boers were ousted from Breshikan soil. Noto has mixed support of the Breshikan actions concerning Neu Wissendorf, this showed weakness within the Alliance, but since then major reforms and reorganization have been pushed through to better unify NOTO parties.

In a last hurrah, Shakomatic invited 4kankers to join in a battle against the KCO. The NOTO and 4kanker union was decisively crushed. Unable to deal with the fallout or maintain the responsibility of being a political union, Shako quit forever and handed the holdings of Breshik in Danik to Bracave. The NOTO alliance soon crumbled, leaving the KCO to be the only remainder. Shako returned in two months and denied ever handing Danik to Bracave. reclaimed danik. wanted his LEGOs back.

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