Commonwealth Uprising
Dates 28-08-2016 (around midnight)
Location Nouvelle Reims
Result -Dissolution of the Commonwealth
-Proclaimation of the Breshikan Empire
-Concornation of Kaiser PPA
-Proclaimation of the Kingdom of Badface
The Alliance of Nobles:
Flag Kingdom of Kriegstein
Flag County of Klamdau
Flag Kingdom of Breshik
Flag Duchy of Sorra
Commonwealth of Greater Alpharealm
supported by:
Eastern FreeHold
Leaders and Commanders
Flag King Sidmarcus01
Flag Count P_P_A
Flag King Tomoko
Flag June
Kaiser Austrobernd
4 1
2 0

Dissolution of the Commonwealth

After taking over 1/5th of the Map, the Greater Commonwealth of Alpharealm was struck by series of nationalistic revolts which lead to its dissolution.

After a 4 month project of expanding the CGA as much as possible, nationalistic fervor struck the Commonwealth. On August 28 of 2016, two kings, one count, and a Duke revolted against the Emperor. The Alliance of Nobles met up in Nouvelle Kriegstein and called for the resignation of the Emperor and dissolution of the Commonwealth. Kaiser Austro “the 2nd hitler” bernd objected to the call and sent out his mighty Army to lay siege on Nouvelle kreigstein.

The Battle


The armies of CGA numbered around 1000, the Kaiser tried rallying all remaining troops loyal to the Empire (None), then laid a month siege on Nouvelle Kriegstein. However, the Alliance of Nobles have brought their armies to the meeting, numbering around a total of 4000, they quickly broke the siege and surrounded the CGA forces. The elite royal guard of kaiser Austrobernd manage to fight off several frontal attacks by the alliance. Many Klamdauan soldiers fell in the front lines, as they attacked the Royal guard before the kaiser called for a temporary retreat. The Kaiser, knowing he was outnumbered, called for terms of peace. He and his troops met the Alliance of Nobles at Sidmarc Mansion. The terms proposed by the Kaiser were unacceptable to the King of Breshik, Tomoko of House kuroki-Breshik, for it would make his reign in breshik illegitimate. The Kaiser, impatient, launched a surprised attack on the King of Breshik, luckily his troops protected him well and he was able to get away while Alliance troops attacked the Kaiser's Royal guard. Although the Kaiser's Royal Guard fought bravely, the fighting dragged on, with his troops tired, the Kaiser retreated. Count PPA sent doves to the Kaiser wanting new terms. The kaiser, realizing he was unable to stay in power accepted the terms under the condition that the Commonwealth was not disbanded totally but formed anew. The Nobles accepted this and once against peace was restored.

The Terms

1. The Commonwealth will officially be disbanded
2. Kaiser Austrobernd will abdicate the imperial throne to PPA
3. A new supra-national State will be etablished, the Breshikan Empire
4. The Eastern Freehold will become a kingdom, the Kingdom of Badface


Leaders of all factions revised the terms at the cabinet in Sid's house, after which they moved to Nova Bydlograd to complete formalities. After everything was completed, everyone gathered at newly installed fortune telling machine.
Juinnn showed up at the coronation, true to his tradition missing all the battles. However, he had to quickly run away as the fortune telling machine revealed that he was the Gray Cardinal of the server all the time.

Sidmarcus's mansion lost some torches during the fight. At least one of them was returned.

He was ruling behind the curtains all that time
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