The Commonwealth Debt Crisis

The Commonwealth Debt Crisis is a dispute between the Holy Danikan Commonwealth and the nation of Elkkuton, which has to date involved two separate but related incidents. With the support of the Republic of Ender and other independent political entities, Elkkuton has endeavoured to recoup the losses it has endured due to the actions of Commonwealth citizens to little result.

Reports differ as to when exactly the first events of the debt crisis occurred, however both sides agree that the dispute has been ongoing for months. It began when Elkkuton representative Tangaloa approached Badfacian architect and builder Austrobernd to construct a statue of their nation's spiritual liege, Elkku. Austrobernd was approached due to the apparent skill, regard, and trustworthiness that was displayed during his prior conduct on the server. An agreement was made, a site selected, and supplies given for the work to commence which initially it did. After weeks of time passed with the statue half finished, what had been built was demolished with the promise that the design was being reworked. More weeks passed, and Tangaloa repeatedly enquired as to when the statue would be completed, to which Austrobernd responded that he had decided to abandon the project and not return the supplies given for it, having apparently used them in the construction of a statue of PPA in Nova_Bydlograd.

Incensed by the demands of the Elkkuton government to pay back the supplies or complete the work, Commonwealth citizen Shakomatic took it upon himself to destroy the Nova Bydlograd branch of the Royal Bank of Nigeria - a long standing server establishment with deep ties to the current nation of Elkkuton and the former nations of Uganda, FAP, and Rhodes. Neither the bank management nor Elkkuton were informed of this turn of events, and upon accidentally learning of it deployed a rapid response team to Nova Bydlograd to protect employees and secure the premises. They arrived to discover that the bank building had been irreparably damaged with all furnishings looted by Commonwealth citizens and all employees killed. As the team sought Shakomatic to bring him to justice, a series of large explosions rocked the area killing both the response team and Shakomatic.

Following this incident and with great difficulty, most of the looted items of the bank were returned to the Royal Bank of Nigeria, but there was no compensation from the Commonwealth for the destruction of the branch and the deaths of their employees.

Repeated attempts have been made by Elkkuton to recover their losses from Austrobernd and the Commonwealth but to no avail. In attempting to resolve the conflict peacefully, they suggested a payment of 1 double chest of wool be made for the breaking of the contract (well below the value of the supplies provided to Austrobernd) or the completion of the project to agreeable quality, which was rejected. Distrusting the neutrality of moderators who are also Commonwealth citizens, Elkkuton brought the issue to Alphabernd for his ruling on the situation who immediately demanded Austrobernd pay the debts or they would be recovered by force. Following this, Austrobernd agreed to complete the project with Alphabernd supervising, but to date there has been no construction seen and attempts to remind him of his debts are ignored.

Shakomatic has also suggested that action be taken in the courts of the Commonwealth, which has been rejected by Elkkuton due to a perceived lack of neutrality and because a higher court has made a ruling on the situation.

Following the constant whining of Elkkuton, a number of players from various political alignments have agreed that the debts should be paid, as it is “fucked up to take supplies intended for a project that wasn't completed”. Those making such comments include members from within the Commonwealth.

The relations between Elkkuton and the Commonwealth have been permanently damaged by the destruction of the bank and the non payment of debts following what was previously cordial interactions despite rumours of gunrunning during the Second Commonwealth-Ender War.


The following political entities have agreed to impose sanctions on the Commonwealth:

These sanctions mean that no trade or assistance is to be provided by members of these entities to the Commonwealth, in an attempt for pressure from within the Commonwealth membership to be applied to keep their own in line.

In the early hours of the 7th of January 2016, Austrobernd delivered the debts of one double chest of wool to Tangaloa. The nation of Elkkuton gratefully accepts the debts, and would like to thank all those who provided support in the debts quest.


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