The Commonwealth-Ender War

An ongoing conflict between the Eastern Commonwealth and the Ender Republic

The Commonwealth-Enderian War
Nation's Flags
Dates May 2nd, 2015 - July 8th, 2015
Location Alpha's realm
Result Treaty of Somerset
Breshikan and Commonwealth recognition of Altschwabenland
Eastern Commonwealth
Winterlyn until 2015/05/17
Republic of Ender
Republic of Battkhortostan
Royaume de Kriegstein since 2015/06/18
Leaders and Commanders
As an council member of the Commonwealth As the hight king of Winterlyn niller1703 until 2015/05/17
As the high Counsellor of the Commonwealth As President for life from Badfacia Austrobernd
8 8
Battle Lost
1 0
Battle Losses
tsaryu's whole anus
2 bans

In the absence of its monarch, the Regency of the Eastern Commonwealth attempted to assassinate a member of Enderian Congress, Tomoko. The plot was foiled and both attackers were killed. The Breshikan sabre rattling continued despite warnings not to escalate the conflict futher from the Republic of Ender. Attempts to reason with the Regency of the Eastern Commonwealth were fruitless. While niller and Winterlyn did not want war, Austrobernd had absolutely no interest in diplomatic alternatives. This eventually lead to a declaration of war from the Republic of Ender to the Eastern Commonwealth for the purpose of replacing the hostile Regency with the friendlier rule of Kaiser Killer_Chris with the demand of an unconditional surrender by the Commonwealth. The President of the Republic of Ender stated of these demands, “We will not deviate from them. There are no alternatives. We shall brook no delay.”. This ultimatum stated that, if the Commonwealth did not surrender, it would face “prompt and utter destruction”.

Elkkuton Declaration - Proclamation Defining Terms for Breshikan Surrender (click to display)

Elkkuton Declaration - Proclamation Defining Terms for Breshikan Surrender (click to display)

We - the President of the Republic of Ender and Congress of Ender, representing our countrymen, have conferred and agree that Breshik be given an opportunity to end this war.

The prodigious land, sea, and air forces of the Republic of Ender, many times reinforced by their armies and air fleets, are poised to strike the final blow upon Breshik. This military power is sustained and inspired by the determination to prosecute the war against the Eastern Commonwealth until she ceases to resist.

The full application of our military power, backed by our resolve, will mean the inevitable and complete destruction of the Commonwealth's armed forces and just as inevitably the utter devastation of the Commonwealth's homelands.

The time has come for the Commonwealth to decide whether she will continue to be controlled by those self-willed militaristic advisers whose unintelligent calculations have brought the Eastern Commonwealth to the threshold of annihilation, or whether she will follow the path of reason.

Following are our terms. We will not deviate from them. There are no alternatives. We shall brook no delay.

There must be eliminated for all time the authority and influence of those who have deceived and misled the people of the Commonwealth into embarking on world conquest, for we insist that a new order of peace, security and justice will be impossible until irresponsible militarism is driven from the world.

We call upon the government of the Eastern Commonwealth to proclaim now the unconditional surrender of all Commonwealth armed forces, and to provide proper and adequate assurances of their good faith in such action. The alternative for the Commonwealth is prompt and utter destruction.

The Elkkuton Declaration resulted in Austrobernd willing to negotiate yet again. The Regency of the Commonwealth has been attempting to negotiate surrender terms outlined in the Treaty of Somerset which will have to be ratified by Enderian Congress. The deadline for reaching an agreement was set to May 8th, 2015 with a battle scheduled the day after.

On May 7th 2015, the Eastern Commonwealth announced it was not willing to change its current direction or accept the conditions of the Elkkuton Declaration to sign the Treaty of Somerset. The Regency of the Eastern Commonwealth strongly detested the concept of forming a Chamber of Commons or the reinstitution of the Breshikan Constitution and insisted on its militaristic ventures in invading its neighbors. War, it seemed, was unavoidable and the Eastern Commonwealth would soon be shaken to its very core.

The Battle of Gay Cocks for Mad Ass

The deadline passed and negotiations were futile. The lines were drawn and both sides returned to their fortifications. The Commonwealth forces attempted to storm the Enderian tower, but were cut down. The Enderian armed forces began to charge the Commonwealth fortification. The resulting battle was primarily a one-sided slaughter where Commonwealth soldiers fell by the wayside. Bear continued to fuck around with redstone and fired off a few artillery rounds, but the outcome was already decided. In the face of a crushing defeat and losses, the Eastern Commonwealth still refused to surrender. The President of the Republic of Ender declared May 9th to be Victory over Breshik or VB day.

Ender got banned by god after the battle.

Winterlyn and Badface signed an agreement, entering a state of peace with the Republic of Ender.

After the battle and forwards

While the rest of the Commonwealth remained reasonable, Shakomatic went full retard and began to claim areas of Altschwabenland, violating the Treaty of Somerset, thus exempting Breshik from the protections set forth in the agreement. Shakomatic claimed that Breshik never signed the agreement or agreed to acknowledge the borders of Altschwabenland, leaving its status to be at war. The President of the Republic of Ender, Hinoarashi, issued a declaration of war to Breshik which Shakomatic refused to acknowledge in hopes that if he plugs his fingers in his ears, the mean people will go away. A date for the second battle is to be scheduled or the case is to be heard before a political officer.

Defense of Kriegstein

Full log.
Prior to the attempted invasion, Shakomatic, Austrobernd, niller, and Jinxauthor_Mel conspired an invasion of Altschwabenland and Kriegstein. On June 22nd, Enderian attempts to reason with the Commonwealth hit an all time low when Shakomatic and Austrobernd attempted to invade Altschwabenland and Kriegstein. Kriegstein mobilized its armed forces with Carluga and Me0w under the command of Tomoko and requested backup from the Republic of Ender. The backup arrived when Hinoarashi signed on. Shakomatic was intimidated by the armed resistance and signed off, leaving Austrobernd to continue the assault alone. The attempted invasion was quickly cut down and Austrobernd repeatedly attempted to attack the defending army while abusing the /home command. As a result, the defending party chose to advance towards New-Badfacia and Bydlograd. After a while, Austrobernd retreated, leaving no resistance from the initial raiding party. Afterwards, Jinxauthor_Mel, who took part in the planning of the raid, played stupid and attempted to say the defense of Altschwabenland was not justified despite the entire event being logged. The attacking Breshikan forces were utterly crushed and driven away from Altschwabenland and Kriegstein.


Following a skirmish with attempts to build Breshikan military fortifications, Shakomatic issued a statement that he was no longer interested in fighting “ovver less than half an acre of land” and recognized the claims of Altschwabenland. Assuming that Breshik no longer attempts to claim the areas of Altschwabenland, the Treaty of Somerset's terms should be in place, assuring peace.

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