The Imaginary Civil War

Rhodesian Civil War
Dates 18-2-2013
Location Anywhere but in-game
Result Peace reached between Uxbridge and caBst
Flag Cabst Flag Lord Uxbridge
Flag Nieuw Walschor
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Cabst Flag Uxbridge
Flag P.P.A.
1 4
- -

In the early morning hours of the 19th of Feburary 2013, Cabst successfully and fairly removed the Rights and Privilleges (check them, CIS scum!) of Lordship from his former Lord_Uxbridge. Unfortunatley, Uxbridge was online at the time and able to rant and not provide a valid reason of why he should remain a lord, promptly declaring Cabst a traitor and enemy of a nation he build together with the other lords (except Uxbridge who never did anything).

Uxbridge's reaction

“I now declare caBst|IRC, the Traitor, an enemy of the State and People of the Westwards and call upon all good and loyal Rhodesians to take up arms against him.” - Lord_Uxbridge in irc.

caBst's response

“You mean I successfully removed you from your seat”

On the 20th of August 2013, Nieuw Walschor, having said itself free from the tyranny of the power-monger caBst, joined the Rhodesian Civil War on the side of Lord Uxbridge, arguing that his removal from power as unconstitutional, and that is has undermined the integrity of the Rhodesian Confederation. This turn of events might help to break a month-long stalemate in the war.

The brand of the Westwards™ (just like Evergreen™) belongs to the House of Lords and can be used only under the permission of any member of the House of Lords. Hence, Uxbridge's titles are misleading. The House of Lords, in solidarity with his former Lord proposes to change Uxbridge's title to “Lord Uxbridge of the House of Lards of the Wastwards and the Rheedeesian Cuntfederation” to avoid any trademark and copyright issues. Were Uxbridge to continue using Rhodes' trademarks the case will be taken to an United States Federal Court of Justice.

caBst forfeited Uxbridge of his Lords powers causing Uxbridge's much expected butthurt, a short rant in the IRC and this article.

The Battle

Wiki and IRC insult throwing only. The Duke of Walschor tried to hijack the war for his own treacherous illegal secessionist purposes.

Result and Aftermath

At the eve of the deemed illegal Walschor secessionist movement, Lord caBst and Lord Uxbridge engaged in peace talks to reach a ceasefire and eventual long lasting peace. An agreement was reached between both sides in which Lord Uxbridge was returned to the House of Lords under the title of Senior Lord Advisor, lacking the decision-making political power of the other Lords but recognizing his role in the foundation of the Rhodesian nation and defense of the Faith, guaranteeing his permanent stay in the House of Lords of West Rhodes and the Rhodesian Confederation. The Peace Agreement prevented Walschor intervention thus redirecting Rhodes war efforts totally on the illegal secessionist movement.

The Main Picture of this Article

It's a well know fact that Robert E. Lee was pro Union and in reality despised the Confederacy. Not only he supported Washington D.C. but he also wanted to abolish slavery for he believed in the rights of the negro men and women. He was offered many military promotions from both sides but he immediately choose the ones from the Union, rejecting the more juicy offers from the Confederacy. The only reason of why he joined the CSA is because the Union made the mistake of invading Virginia, instead of going around it to attack and murder the million rednecks living down south. After losing the Civil War, Lee became a professor at the Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, where he would talk marvelously of the Union to prevent southerners to prolong his butthurt. This might lead many to believe that Lee was in fact and insider of the Union in the enemy lines, losing all of his battles in purpose to ease Grant a victory, preserving the United States of America that we love, The Federal Reserve and the trashing of the rights of those rebellious states (good call Lincoln!) thus making his great great grandfather George Washington Carver proud!

Source: Wikipedia

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