Glorious Revolution

Alternative Names: The Confederate Uprising and The Digslave Rebellion

Even throught, that Badfacia and Winterlyn were long time allies of Breshik, these nation felt that King Shakomatic is threatening their rights. After a long debate of the founding Members and last remaining Nations of the CIS, Badfacia and Winterlyn, declared of the 8th of June at 22:45 formally war on Breshik.

The casus belli was the conflict between Tomoko's henchmen and a force of breshkian soldiers, neither of them a part of the CIS anymore, but fought for the control for the confederation.

The name is an allusion to tomokos rebellions and coups, which ended mostly with collateral damage.

Confederated Uprising
Dates June, 8th 2015 - June, 9th 2015
Location Northeast, Danik
Result Rebellion was sucessful
The Confederation of Independent States (Badfacia, Winterlyn)
Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik
Leaders and Commanders
- -
will to fight 2(+n)dickdigslaves

After Badfacia and Winterlyn refused to join the COM 3.0, Shakomatic tried to dissamble the CIS by force. After that event, these two Nations formed a coalition and revolt now open against the breshikian hegemony. As the Breshkian and the Coalition Hosts confronted eachother at the Road to Novobydlograd,the leaders of both sides started to negotiate. After the discussion, Shakomatic agreed to the terms and the Rebellion ended in an faweless victory for the rebels. The CIS stays a neutral Organisation, and the Danikan Nations formed a new Federal realm, where the election for a new Kaiser will begin soon. To celebrate the end of the conflict a small tournament was held at the Arena of Novobydlograd.

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