Monday, Bloody Monday (more like Funday, huehuehuehuehuehue)

On Monday/Sunday the 9th-10th of December by mistake Sick_sector released a wither into Nova Avence proper.

Late Sunday Night, Sick_sector created a wither in his tower in the hopes of getting a nether star. The Wither quickly became uncontrollable and escaped into Nova Avence proper.

With pleas from Sick_sector, the server banded together to defeat the wither. Since Sick_Sector was unable to access his equipment a FOB was created at the nether enterance to Nova Avence. Most of the battle took place around the main bridge into Nova. Shako tried to luer The Wither into a mote.

Tangaloa had observed the whole thing via irc, and after completing outside tasks joined in game over an hour after the wither was summoned, to find not a scratch had been done to said wither. After the destruction of the wither by Tangaloa, the breshik town was scarred due to an incomplete rollback and should be renamed Nova Orleans.

Pretty fun adventure overall.

A veiw of some of the Destruction wrought by the wither
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