The Battkhortostani Civil WarPart of the Mongol Wars

al-Iskandariya in two, divided by a wall
Dates 21-01-13 - ?
Location al-Iskandariya
Result Reunification of East and West Battx, ambiguity concerning West Battx Occidentis
FlagWest Battkhortia
Supported By
United Territories of Tangaloa
FlagKingdom of Battkhortostan
Representing the
Katten Khanate
West West Battx
Leaders and Commanders
FlagSikandar Anarchies have no leaders
2 2 ?
dozens hundreds few

After the loss of the Great Khan, the Battkhort tribe was without proper leadership. Brother-Leader Sikandar offered a system built on Iron and labour, and King K_Chris offered a system of freedom and democracy. The nations split after Brother-Leader Sikandar demanded Breshik cease their plans of creating an embassy in Al-Iskandariya. K_Chris built a wall separating the Western half of the city from the rest of it. He set up weapons and barbed wire around the wall, ensuring no Communists invade his fair nation.

Eventually, West Battx and Battx reunified and the wall was torn down. Rumor has it that the war was a ruse cooked up by BURDO agents in order to capture material aid. However, despite reunification of West Battx and East Battx, the situation of West Battx Occidentis remains unclear.

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