Seige of Watertown

Seige of WatertownPart of the Sivernian War
The Watertown
Dates 4-7-15
Location Watertown
Result Watertown rebellion squashed
Watertown incorporated into independent Siverny
Cærulean Federation
Flag Breshikan Loyalists
Leaders and Commanders
Sidmarcus01 Flag Shakomatic
4 2
some 3

The Battle of Watertown was a short battle between the newly independent government of Siverny, supported by the Cærulean marines, and Breshikan loyalists from Watertown, who wished to remain under Breshikan rule but were ultimately defeated.

Sidmarcus01 had long desired independence from the Commonwealth of Breshik. Tensions between Siverny and the Breshikan government heated up in the wake of the announcement of the Cærulean Federation, which Sidmarcus01 expressed an interest in. Shakomatic was unwilling to accept Siverny's independence, and imposed a blockade on the island. Illegal actions were soon taken by the rebels by inviting foreigners into Breshikan waters.

Cærulean ships at Vargisk Bay.

The newly formed government of Cærula ignored the blockade and boldly dispatched its fleet to the Bay of Vargisk, as a show of force and to reassure its Sivernian allies. Shakomatic protested against what he perceived a as violation of Breshik's sovereign waters, but was ignored.

Under the protection of the Cærulean navy, the Sivernians were able to hold a referendum on independence. The procedure was overseen by international observers, who confirmed that it was a free and democratic vote. The turnout was modest, but an overwhelming 100% of voters were in favour of independence. Breshikans denounced the referendum as not just illegitmate, but rascist against ethnic minorities in the territorial city of water town.

Amid the celebrations following the outcome of the referendum, infiltrators from neighbouring Breshik entered Watertown to sow dissent among the locals. Émigrés from Watertown loyal to Breshik returned to the city and rebelled against the Sivernian administration, killing its governor as well as a random bystander from Cærula. The Cæruleans were outraged that one of their citizens had been killed, and decided to dispatch their local naval forces to support Siverny in crushing the rebellion.

The Cæruleans and Sivernians arrived at the closest shore to the Watertown and began the operation. The Breshikans barricaded at the roofs and tried to shoot their enemies from afar. Under cover of snipers led by June, who successfuly kicked some of the archers from the roof, the allies managed to come closer. The close quarters battle was also fierce and many people from both sides died. But soon rebellion was outnumbered and swordsmen found their way to the roof. The remaining archers were murdered, but some of them hid and tried to ambush them, though unsuccessfully.

The generals watching their forces leaving

As peace was maintained, allies collected the loot and mercifully offered to return the armor to the remaining rebels if they came unarmored and with bare hands. However, one of them drank a potion of invisibility and then accidentally took the sword, thus he was killed by a watchful soldier.

Sivernian King congratulated his allies with the victory and invited the soldiers to the royal banquet, but it was not over yet. The rebels launched their last attack from behind and took over houses of Watertown again. However, they were quicky driven out as Cæruleans already knew the victorious strategy.

Confirming that no one hostile was coming and the rebellion was finally stopped, the forces started to return to Sidmarcus's mansion. The last one to leave was June. He turned around the last time to look at the battleground. He saw King Shakomatic, alone and unarmored, who was staring at him from the highest point of the Watertown. Reflexes took over and June shot the one last arrow at the enemy, sewerely wounding him in the knee and knocking him from the roof into the swamp water. With that last hit, rebellion was truly over.

Overwhelmed and outnumbered, the Breshikan loyalists retreated from Watertown and fled to Nova Bydlograd. They contented themselves with having inflicted some casualties and took home some decent armour and equipment, though they had lost some of their own as well. The victorious Sivernian and Cærulean forces returned to Siverny-le-Chateau to resume their celebrations of Siverny's independence, and of the pacification of the Watertown region. The grateful King of Siverny distributed trophy weapons between Cærulean generals, to remind them of this victory.

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