Battle of Siverny-le-Chateau

Battle of Siverny-le-ChateauPart of the Sivernian War
Dates 8 April 2015
Location Siverny-le-Chateau
Result Eastern Coalition forces tactical withdrawal after recovering their relic
Cærulean Federation Flag Commonwealth of Breshik
Flag Calisia
Leaders and Commanders
Sidmarcus01 Flag Shakomatic
Flag Tomoko
4 3
4~5 5~6

The Battle of Siverny-le-Chateau was an attempt by the Commonwealth of Breshik to reconquer Siverny-le-Chateau, which had recently seceded from the Commonwealth to join the Cærulean Federation. They initially succeeded in taking over the castle, but were driven out by the Cærulean military. Neither side suffered heavy losses.

Following their proxies' defeat at Watertown, the Breshikan Commonwealth sought to retake Siverny from the Cærulean Federation. The night after the battle, Breshikan spies killed the Sivernian cavalry's horses, which alarmed the Sivernian military.
The same night, a Calisian merchant vessel managed to break through the Cærulean blockade of Nova Bydlograd, and was mistakenly attacked by Sidmarcus01, who assumed that it was a Breshikan warship. In response to the attack, the Chancellor of Calisia Tomoko pledged his support to Breshik and suggested an attack on Siverny.

Thus, on the 8th of April, a united Breshikan–Calisian force infiltrated Siverny-le-Chateau during the absence of its lord Sidmarcus, who was abroad in the Cærulean capital of Prismriver. They fortified the residential palace in a rudimentary manner, renamed it “Fort Silverny”, and took up positions waiting the Cærulean counter-attack.

When the Cærulean military arrived to retake the palace, the Easterners mounted the rooves and opened fire. Cærulean paratroopers quickly secured the roof of the palace, while ground forces cleared the inside. After a few minutes, the Breshikan coalition had already retreated from the palace grounds. Multiple assaults were launched to retake it, but the Sivernian soldiers holding the high ground repelled each of them.

However, Easterners somehow managed to slay Cærulean most powerful warriors and loot their armor and their personal weapons. Which included; the Rapier de Firstlord, sword of Sidmarcus, which was later claimed to be their goal. After some more failed attempts of siege, the Breshikans and Calisians tactically withdrew from the battlefeild. Sidmarcus and shakomatic had a friendly game of fisticuffs like gentlemen afterwards.

The victorious Cærulean army.

After the recovery of the Rapier de first lord it was revealed that the eastern coalition had plans on it all along and the Easterners withdrew from the battlefield. Minor skirmishes at the palace followed, but eventually the fighting died down.
Breshikan Captain, Austrobernd is willing to exchange the enchanted gear, which both sides looted.

Exile of the Calisian Chancellor

Calisian Chancellor going into exile

After the foreign adventure the Calisian Chancellor undertook was known to the Calisian population, they were outraged that the Chancellor not only declared war without a referendum but used most of the treasury to fund it. And thus, not wanting to get beaten and hanged like Mussolini endanger his government, he committed Sudoku by Exile.

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