Battle of Calis

Battle of CalisPart of the Communist Revolution
Dates 9 April 2015
Location District B of Calis
Result Revolution contained
Elections held in Calis
Democratic transition to single party state
Calisian Capitalists
Cærulan Expeditionary Force
Calisian Communists
Enderian People's Army
Leaders and Commanders
5 2
1 Zombie
lot of civilians
3 Cæruleans
1 yev
more than 20

The Battle of Calis was a failed attempt by Tomoko to seize control of Calisia in a DPRE-backed coup d'etat. Following initially successes and massacres of civilians, an expeditionary force from Cærula restored order in the country by ousting Tomoko and the North Enderian forces occupying the city.

Spock: [alpha] <Tomoko> Moor im making a coup and reforming calisia into a national socialist reich
Spock: [alpha] <Tomoko> and me as chancellor for life
Spock: [alpha] <Moorglade> pls stop or you'll give me ptsd

Tomoko had declared his intent to create a totalitarian state the night before, after Calisia's controversial involvement in the Sivernian War and its defeat in the Battle of Siverny-le-Chateau. The negative reaction of the nation's population due to the fact that Tomoko had declared war without a referendum caused the chancellor to flee the country and to seek support from North Ender.

The next day, Tomoko arrived in the Calisian capital and proposed the new regime in Calisia. However, most of residents were sceptic about his decision, and regent Moorglade attempted to duel the Chancellor, but failed and was severely beaten. Enraged, Tomoko called the North Enderians to aid him and together with General Bul Go Gi, they occupied the city. He proclaimed a Reich and started persecuting any opposition to his new regime, mainly supporters of Moorglade, who hid in Fort Serapis at the outskirts of the town. Two lords of Cærula heard of the atrocities being committed in the distant country, and deemed it their duty to defend the Calisian people from the foreign regime. They organised an expeditionary force and embarked towards Calisia.

The arrival of Cæruleans.

While people of Calisia were oppressed, Cærulean lords had to go to the capital by foot, because the netherway was cut off. After climbing the mountains and crossing the snowy plains, they found the buildings of free man Harcourt. Luckily, he was in friendly terms with Calisians and built a railway, connecting his home and Calis, and Cæruleans used it to get into the city unseen.

A fight

They quickly driven out poorly-equipped Tomoko and BulGoGi, what led to more civilian casualities from the North Enderian general. Also he activated a big TNT trap in the center of the city, which destroyed a beautiful garden. After that, Tomoko lost some of his popularity and more civilians armed themselves to protect their city. Eventually, the town was taken by its protectors, and Cæruleans began to leave.

However, shortly after they left the town, it was taken back by the oppressors (some of which were armed with stone hoes). This situation repeated twice, until armed civilians could manage the invaders. Eventually the actual battle was over and fighters began debates to decide who actually won it.

Citisens are preparing to vote

The debates led to nothing and the leaders decided to hold a referendum to find out what the Calisians actually desire. As the arguing continued, the referendum became an elections. However, due to incompetence of certain mods and interference from a third-party people, citisens had to vote three times. Because of that, the third candidate, EnderCat1999 was presented and she snatched the victory to herself, becoming the new leader of Calisia. After that she proposed Calisia to become a Communist Client State. The enemies forgave each other and become to work together for the bright future of their nation.

A duel

A Certain King displayed the displease of the new ways of Calisia and provoked the First Chansellor Tomoko to make some proclamations. Tomoko stated that he didn't agree with slavery, however, his close friend Opti accused him of lying, because he was sure that Tomoko used him as digslave some time before. Opti was highly offended and challenged him to the duel, to which Tomoko agreed. They took their best armor and swords and decided to meet at spawn. A certain mod gladly accepted to be the referee.

When the opponents arrived, a thunderstorm began. The fierce battle began, but the winner was decided from the beginning. As it came out, some time before, Opti asked his friend to enchant him the armor. However, Tomoko slacked and gave him his worst enchanted armor and unenchanted sword. Offended even more, Opti left. Tomoko felt a bit sorry for his friend and proposed a new duel, now unarmored and with bare fists. Opti wasn't good at fighting though, and Tomoko won the second time. Opti was disappointed, but promised that he will be training and mine a lot to become rich.

General Bul Go Gi was accused of cheating, but later he was proven to be a skilled fighter.
EnderCat1999 overcame her shyness and made her first public announcements, and was seen actually talking with foreign people.
Tomoko is suspected to now rule the Calisia behind the scenes, because EnderCat1999, who didn't support him at first, chose his model of ruling the country.
During the battle, Tomoko learnt from BulGoGi the ways of Kim Jong Bat and was converted to serving him. Because of that, an inclusion into North Ender is predicted.
The King Sidmarcus offered a refuge to Opti in his estate, Siverny, and later promoted him to a Minister of Underground resources.
yeti30 decided to join the fun of nationplay and asked for invitations from the active nations.
Tablecat initiated a counter-revolt against the communist government and was arrested for that.

The main (and only) road of Calis was destroyed by Bulgogi with TNT but fixed after the initial struggle was over.

Tomoko performing a sneak attack A destroyed garden Citisens are taking refuge at the railstation
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