Battle of Badfacian Aggression

War of Badfacian Aggression
non sequitor
Dates 1st January 2016
Location Lanno-Condeura
and Badfacia
Result Badfacian Victory
Kingdom of Lanno-CondeuraLanno-Conderua Badface Confederation of New-Badface/Badfacia
Leaders and Commanders
Darynu Austrobernd
3 2
many 3 Googins

Unprovoked, Austrobernd decided to declare war on Lanno-Condeura. While this declaration of war confused Lanno-Condeura, it did not shy from the fight. Despite an initial small success on the part of the Condeurians, they begand to quickly lose against Austrobernd and g0_0ggin's superior skill at arms and equipment. The battle ended in a massacre in the Condeurian capital after the Condeurians were left mostly unarmed.

There were no former background of aggression on either side, Austrobernd declared without any provocation.

The initial conversation leading to the declaration of war began with Austrobernd asking Darynu if Lanno-Condeura was a sovereign nation. The response from Darynu confirmed that it was, which Austrobernd immediately responded to by declaring war. The Condeurians questioned the reasoning, and were not given one. They still are unsure of the purpose of the war.

The Battle

The battle began with Darynu and Kitty4fun leading a raid against Badface, in order to get the first strike. While they planned to march into the Capital, they ended up in Go_ogin's village. g0_0ggin was killed in the initial raid several times before retreating.

Meanwhile, in true breshikan organisation skills, austro somewhat managed to arm himself and his companion and the Badfacians made their way back to the village. Austro told his soldier to set up a base, if they have to resupply themself again. The Condeurans on the other hand could hear that order and expecting a surprise attack on Condeura, Kitty4fun and Darynu went to Daoine City to defend.

Austrobernd and g0_0ggin went into the village and found no more emenies, and decided to attack the captial. He decided not to take minecarts and insisted to walk by foot, to be prepared for ambushes in the nether. After reaching the Condeura Hub, he took some mountain portal next to Port Cowny, still believing it was the capital of that nation and marched by the actual capital. After taking the garrison, Darynu was prompting the Condeurians, including MaxLedeba, to arrive at the port and attempt to retake it. They were thwarted and had their equipment stripped of them. King Darynu changed tactics and ordered his soldiers to fight in guerrilla tactics, trying to prevent the Badfacians to march into the actual capital. After those attacks failed too, Austro and Googin began their way to the Condeuran Capital.

King Darynu rallied his people and layed ambush at the gate. But soon after the first of the invaders passed through the city gates, organised resistance on the defenders side broke down quickly. What followed was a slaughter of the Condeurians in their capital city of Daoine City. Fighting went on long after it was clear the Condeurians lost, but eventually, common sense beat the Condeurians overwhelming tenacity.

Austrobernd suggested the fighting end, as they had obviously would. Darynu called for a ceasefire and parlay, and was then attacked by g0_0ggin. After attempting to calm g0_0ggin, asking for a parlay multiple times, Darynu was killed by g0_0ggin. Finally, there was a negotiation in which the Condeurians gave up two swords and a chestpiece, and the rest of the spoils were returned to either side. Banners of both sides were removed from each other's cities.


  • kitty4fun liked to be included for once in a war >n.n<
  • Darynu is disgusted by the acts of aggression taken against him and his people.
  • The Badfacians gratulated eachother with joy and love, but where a bit butthurt because of the new flag protection

A lot of glass and beds. Glass and beds that Darynu is still pissed about.

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