Battle of Auri

Battle of Auri
Dates 4-21-2013
Location Auri plains
Result inconclusive
Kriegstein Consulate
Nieuw Walschor
New Finngolia
Leaders and Commanders
4 2
a lot many elkkus

After a Finngolian skirmisher made an incursion into Aurian territory and was swiftly repelled, a larger Finngolian invasion force arrived. Auri's defenders were backed up by KCO forces from Kriegstein, and their Nieuw Walschorer allies. Both sides suffered many losses during the protracted engagement, which ended with the retreat of both armies.


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The Battle

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When the sun rose over Auri, death chests from both sides littered the plains, and fires were raging on its hills. After collecting the caskets, P_P_A erected a statue with what cobblestone he had on him to honour the fallen. A thrifty Yev immediately opened a souvenir stall, and sold various items dropped during the battle.


Kriegsteiner conspiracy theorists blamed the Poles for the incident, and organised a third crusade against the Poles later that day. It actually turned out to be an honourable fight between some individual players, since nobody else showed up.

Following Battle(s)

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Many innocent sheep, pigs, and chickens died in the crossfire.

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