Al-Iskandariyan Embassy siege

Al-Iskandariyan Embassy siege part of the Mongol Wars
Dates 5-14-2013
Location Al-Iskandariya
Result widespread fire damage
Al-Iskandariyan Fire Brigade founded
Nieuw Walschor
Katten Khanate Elkku112
Leaders and Commanders
Greenkitten Elkku112
2 1
Many wolves
15 9 11 Elkkus

After Elkku112 skirmished with Greenkitten in Al-Iskandariya, Greenkitten started to lay fires all over the city. Local Battkhortostani forces attempted to subdue him and were joined by P_P_A. The Nieuw Walschorer forces were driven into their embassy, which the Katten barbarians laid siege to and set on fire.

Elkku112 logged on.

Skirmish in Al-Iskandariya

Greenkitten Of the Katten Khaganate engaged Elkku112 as the latter trespassed Al-Iskandariya and abused Greenkitten's dogs claiming one of the dogs belonged to him, when Greenkitten went to pet the dog it attacked Elkku. Believing Greenkitten had turned one of his dogs against him Elkku began to attack Green bringing upon a bloody battle. During the battle the Katten forces, still armed from the burning of Kovanje, employed extensive use of fire setting ablaze much of the city. The chief of the Islamic police arrived on the scene to subdue the violence. After Greenkitten had stolen mazznoff's bow, P_P_A of Nieuw Walschor arrived on the battlefield, initially just to observe but was attacked by Greenkitten. He decided to join forces with mazznoff to put an end to the slaughter.

Nieuw Walschorer embassy besieged

The ambassador ablaze.

Though the Elkku112 was eventually driven out, the small intervention force of Nieuw Walschor was forced to retreat to its embassy. In violation of its extraterritorial sovereignty, Greenkitten forced entry and massacred the P_P_A inside. The embassy staff barricaded itself in the upper floor of the building, prompting the Katten soldier to set fire to the embassy, and to assault any employees who were trying to put out the flames. The Battkhorti militia tried to repel Greenkitten and crated an opening for the people trapped in the embassy to escape; ambassador Pieter van Beranbocht was unable to escape the blazing house, and suffered third degree burns.

Nieuw Walschor installed a pool of water in its embassy, and mazznoff concluded that Al-Iskandariya was in need of a fire-fighting force. Elkku112 cried crocodile tears.


(12:15:07 AM) autism: <P_P_A> diplomatic immunity
(12:15:08 AM) autism: P_P_A was slain by Greenkitten
(12:15:13 AM) autism: <P_P_A> fug
(12:15:13 AM) autism: <mazznoff> rip
(12:15:16 AM) autism: <Greenkitten> fuck your embassy
(12:15:20 AM) autism: <Greenkitten> MONGOL STRONG
(12:15:33 AM) autism: <mazznoff> just like in the movie
(12:15:56 AM) autism: <P_P_A> hah
(12:15:58 AM) autism: <P_P_A> it broke
(12:16:43 AM) Dookie: why greenkitten police fuck diplomatic immunity


The Katten's arson had scorched large parts of Al-Iskandariya; the Nieuw Walschorer embassy was left standing, though many of its employees suffered serious burns or smoke poisoning. Many of Greenkitten's dogs died in the battle.

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