A series of events
regarding Akarinka's station.
Dates Many
Location Spawn
Result Akarinka's station blown to pieces
Ultimate butthurt
Eyjan Hvíta intrusion
Dates long ago
Location Eyjan Hvíta
Result Peacefully solved
Shakomatic Statue Conflict
Dates xx.08.2015
Location Spawn
Result Shako statue removed
Eikku Church Incident
Dates 21-22.09.2015
Location Spawn
Result FREE EIKKU Banner removed, 3 bans

Akarinka's station is a place near New Spawn that recently got involved in several disputable events. Here is a list of some of those events.

Due the early days of 1.8, when the New Spawn was empty and undeveloped, three players have come to play a fun game, to shitbuild and have a good time. Their names were Akarinka, Yuka, and Mio. They took a huge chunk of earth not far from New Spawn and built a big wall there. They made farms, treefarms and built a community house, but the place still was mostly empty. Moreover, they needed resources they couldn't get at their place, like sand and snow, so they built several railways to some places, like the closest desert, ice plains of the east, caves and New Spawn. For protection, the rails were placed in the air and encased in big glass tubes, that are easily seen from the map. As the New Spawn was still small, so they chose a place quite near the actual spawn point. As all they did build was huge, the Spawn Station was also a big smoothstone and cobble castle, with big letter A on it. Later, spawn got naturally expanded and new builders stumbled at that big building just at the end of the main road of Spawn. Someone wanted to tear it down, but Mods prohibited that, as that would be considered griefing. Soon, Akarinka and friends left the server, but their buildings still stand and the Spawn station become a part of different recent disputes, which are not easily solved.

As Akarinka and friends didn't really care about nationplay, claims of other people and such things, they made a long rail from their castle to the western lands of Eyjan Hvíta and built a station on the coast. Later, [people:harcourtien|Harcourtien]], leader of Eyjan Hvíta accidentally noticed the railway when he was mining. He got furious, but couldn't do anything, as Akarinka and friends were long gone and his efforts to persuade mods to remove it were failures. However, some time later Akarinka came online and they got solved that problem. Akarinka fixed his rail, which was reported griefed. Much time later, Harcourtien lost his interest in Minecraft and Eyjan Hvíta, so he quit playing and left his settlement unfinished and abandoned.

It happened on 18th day of July, of the year 2015.
An extract from MARNIE sped#01:

High Commissioner Austrobernd of the Mandatory of New Badfacia, lamenting the lack of people to build 
with, decided to build a statue around New Spawn. As location he chose the empty roof of the entrance to 
Akarinka's station, and as a motive apparently his longtime superior first came to mind. A sign on the socket 
designated the statue as 'Shakomatic, Kaiser of Breshik'.

However, the King Shako was hated by many people in the world, especially Enders and renegade breshikan Tomoko. They questioned the legality of breshikan statue, as it was built on top of building that was built by someone not breshikan and Tomoko responded with letting his friend Carluga build a statue of Tomoko on the Tomoko's Spawn Mall (which he built himself). However, Mods responded with ignorance and told everyone to wait until Akarinka comes back and says his verdict on the statue.
Many days passed, the statue of Shakomatic were demolished many times by furious Enders, but each time it was restored by the mods. And finally, on the XX.08.2015, Akarinka came back. He was immediately questioned by people who were online about the statue. He was quite confused and people heard different responses from him. However, later he was questioned directly by Moderator June if he minds the statue and he said that he really minds it and wants it to be removed. Tomoko, who hated Shako the most, volunteered to demolish the statue. The statue was completely destroyed, this time forever (though Tomoko overdid it and damaged the station building, so he had to repair it later). However, leaders of Eastern Commonwealth didn't show their emotions and seemed just a bit dissapointed. After the statue was gone, Akarinka left to the lands unknown, leaving to the June his bow and promising to return in 3 months or so.

At 21th of September, Helios, adept(?) of the Eikku Church held a celebration at New Spawn, attended by several people of the server. A part of celebration was the egg throwing, which resulted in birth of many little chickens, who were happy to run around wildly. However, the amount of chicken caused huge lag to already lagging spawn, so moderator Enton was very unhappy and put most of participants in the jail. After that he began clearing the spawn with the help of YugoTexas.
A day later, Helios and his friends were released from the jail, very unhappy about yesterday events. Helios made a big red banner, which was declaring FREE EIKKU and TheNerd96 made a machine that would spawn chicken over spawn very fast and in the big quantities. Enton got very annoyed by that, destroyed the machine and put Nerd in a jail for a few days, however Nerd was complaining and threated the people to commit real crimes later so his sentence was expanded for lifelong. From the previous incident, Tomoko became self-proclaimed “Keeper of Akarinka's station” (no one remember if Akarinka really said something about Tomoko), and he quickly noticed that Helios's banner was hanging just above the station's wall (unlucky). After that he said that the banner was illegal and he is going to destroy it. However, the people began questioning Tomoko's authority in that matter and they mutually insulted each other. That resulted in brief conflict between Eastern Commonwealth and Aresia. Austrobernd killed Tomoko once and the latter responded with placing a bounty on Austro's head. They insulted each other some more time until they were banned for griefing by PPA. The banner was destroyed and Akarinka's station was covered in rumble, which was cleared by Tomoko the day after.

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