Act of Yev AggressionPart of the West Battkhortostan secession movement
Yev Forces storming K_Chris's Manor
Dates 21-1-2013
Location West Battkhotia
Result Supression of Yev menace
Flag West Battx Flag Battkhortostan
Supported By
flag Katten Khanate
United Territories of Tangaloa
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Killer_Chris FlagSikandar Tangaloa
1 2
Hundreds of Yevs
Pigmen and Iron Golems
0 1
All mobs

B.U.R.D.O. operatives launched an attack on B.E.N.I.S. leader's house in West Battx, the plan failed terribly.

Shortly after the sucession of West Battx the capitalist government set up a wall, paved the streets with gold and created gaudy works of art out of the most expensive of materials. The extravagance of West Battx annoyed the communist Battx so they employed some B.U.R.D.O. operatives to search for weaknesses. It was found that K_Chris was the head of the Bureau for the Ethical Neutralisation of Inferior Species, an anti-yev orgainisation. And with that the plan was decided.

Roping in some higher powers, the B.U.R.D.O. operatives unleashed a horde of Pigmen, Iron Golems and yevs upon the home of Killer Chris. Though the swarm managed to storm the house Chris knowing the lay of the land quickly and effectively suppressed the attack chasing away the remaining Battx forces.

The first wave of Yev attackers trying to break down the door
Yev invaders raiding the interior of the manor
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