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-====== Bugs and Tips ======+====== Bugs ======
 As the 1.8.3 update was finally implemented,​ thanks to our almighty leader AlphaBernd, we encountered with some bugs. Here is a list of them. As the 1.8.3 update was finally implemented,​ thanks to our almighty leader AlphaBernd, we encountered with some bugs. Here is a list of them.
 +- On Harmony 1.15.2 zero tick farms are not working. Why so? UPD: Well I found why, there is config variable called ''​fix-zero-tick-instant-grow-farms''​ which fixes zero tick farms. I guess small 0-tick farms are very efficient, compact and lag friendly so maybe instead of building huge farms with hundreds of pistons allow us to use zero tick farms? (Zero tick farms were fixed by mojang on 1.16. It is officially considered a bug https://​bugs.mojang.com/​browse/​MC-113809. This option will most probably be removed from papermc 1.16 releases.)
 +- If chat toggle is active (/chat t), private channel messages leak to IRC 
 ===== Tips and Changes ===== ===== Tips and Changes =====
-'/​work'​ and '/​setwork'​ now use commands '/home work' and '/​sethome work', respectively. 
-===== Bugs ===== +Tipadd command to ignore particular user in chat e.g '/ign AMERICAN_PSIX228'​ and after that you cannot see his messages 
-<​del>​http://​map.dev-urandom.eu/ not working</​del>​ fixed  --- //​[[whoami@dev-urandom.eu|AlphaBernd]] 2015/03/03 17:28//\\ + 
-<​del>/​spawn ​in nether is teleporting to main spawn (not sure if bug)</​del>​ Not a Bug  --- //​[[whoami@dev-urandom.eu|AlphaBernd]] 2015/03/03 17:​15//​\\ ​ +<​del>​- ​Can hoppers be added to LWC protection list? Right now you cant lock hoppersIf someone uses a redstone signal to lock the hopper, they can steal itens passing by.</​del> ​Dont do that I suck cocks and LWC would be pretty laggy 
-<del>Creepers destroy terrain</​del>​ fixed  ​--- //​[[whoami@dev-urandom.eu|AlphaBernd]] 2015/03/03 19:36//\\  + 
-<​del>​Public chests at spawn don't open (nothing near spawn does work).</​del> ​fixed  --- //​[[whoami@dev-urandom.eu|AlphaBernd]] 2015/03/09 10:​26//​\\ ​ +Shopkeepers plugin ​has its own protection of chests, ignoring LWCThe way it is now, you cant set permissions for other people to access your shopkeeper chests, nor you can set flags like /chopper on or /credstone onThis prevents the creation of redstone contraptions that automatically restock your shops with hoppers, redstone contraptions that show shop stock size without opening the trading GUI, etcMy suggestion is to totally disable shopkeepers protection, it is unnecessary,​ as LWC does the same and better by default. This behavior can be changed setting "​protect-chestsfalse" on shopkeepers configuration fileIf you dont want to disable it completely, please at least set the option "​prevent-item-movementfalse",​ so we can use hoppers ​to restock shops
-<​del>​Rabbits die in lava</​del>​ ;_; Roasted rabbit is tasty  ​--- //​[[whoami@dev-urandom.eu|AlphaBernd]] 2015/03/03 17:17//\\  +
-<​del>/​spawn ​has cooldown (pls remove if possible)</​del>​ fixed  --- //​[[whoami@dev-urandom.eu|AlphaBernd]] 2015/03/04 17:18//\\  +
-<​del>​suicide (/kill) doesn'​t work.</​del>​ fixed  --- //​[[whoami@dev-urandom.eu|AlphaBernd]] 2015/03/07 14:​02//​\\ ​   +
-<​del>'/​home work' ​and '/​sethome work' aren't permitted to normal players should ​be fixed  ​--- //​[[whoami@dev-urandom.eu|AlphaBernd]] 2015/03/04 17:18// still doesn'​t work.</​del>​ fixed --- //​[[whoami@dev-urandom.eu|AlphaBernd]] 2015/03/07 14:06//​\\ ​  +
-<​del>​Ghast fireballs explode and damage stuff</​del>​ fixed  --- //​[[whoami@dev-urandom.eu|AlphaBernd]] 2015/03/23 21:30//\\  +
-<​del>​Home command does not work to and from nether/end broken or feature? :​D</​del>​ It's not a bug  --- //​[[whoami@dev-urandom.eu|AlphaBernd]] 2015/03/31 21:09//\\ +
-Ingame maps have pre-1.8.1 color scheme\\ +
-logblock doesn'​t show who opened doors.+
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